Smart Wireless Thermostat

A programmable wireless heating thermostat set is suitable for the water heating system and electric heating system. The wireless radiator thermostat system set is composed of two parts, the smart wireless boiler thermostat and the receiver. The two devices are connected wirelessly. To ensure a good wireless connection signal, we have added a signal testing function. The wireless central heating thermostat is divided into automatic, manual, over-ride, holiday, ECO, and off modes. The temperature setting is programmable. User options have a variety of parameters that can be adjusted and set by customers. After adding the smart gateway to the programmable wireless radiator thermostat, the smart control function can be realized. If there is no gateway, you can use it as a normal electric programmable thermostat.

  • POER PTC10+PTR10+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat

    POER PTC10+PTR10+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat

    PTC10/PTR10/PTG10 is a smart wireless, programmable thermostat set. It connect to Internet via a gateway and it could be connect to any water heating control system, including gas boilers, electric boilers, central heating systems, air heating systems.
    • Suitable for Combi Boilers

    • Phone control

    • Voice control

  • POER PTC10+PTR10 Wireless Thermostat

    POER PTC10+PTR10 Wireless Thermostat

    PTC10/PTR10 is a wireless home thermostat digital set without gateway PTG10. The wireless digital room thermostat could be programmed and it has voltage free contacts, temperature and humidity sensors. Max. current 5A. Suitable for the digital water heater thermostat system.
    • Suitable for Combi Boilers

    • LCD Display

    • Wireless connection

  • POER PTC10+PTR16+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat

    POER PTC10+PTR16+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat

    PTC10/PTR16/PTG10 is designed for the electric heating control system. Especially for the electric underfloor heating controls system. The max. current is 16A. It could be connected to the heating control app on your phone. Also, you can control it via Alexa and Google home assistant.
    • Electric heating

    • App control

    • Alexa and Google home assistant supported

  • POER PTC10+PTR16 Wireless Thermostat

    POER PTC10+PTR16 Wireless Thermostat

    PTC10/PTR16 is a wireless electric heating thermostat set without a gateway. It has a large LCD play and it could output the power directly. Normally, it is used in an electric heating control system with big current demand.
    • Suitable for Electric heating control system

    • Two parts design

    • 16A current supported

The wireless central heating thermostat design is especially suitable for houses that have been renovated. There is no reserved wiring and rewiring will affect the appearance of the wireless heating thermostat. A stable wireless signal connection ensures stable communication between devices. The functions of the smart heating kit can be freely matched according to customer demand. As a professional wireless boiler thermostat China factory, Poer Smart's wireless heating thermostat meets the demand of different people.

How To Install The Thermostat For A Gas Boiler?

A wireless electric programmable thermostat can help to reduce your heating costs by automatically turning down your system when you are away. The installation and connection process is the same for all boiler types.

1. Turn off the power supply to the furnace at the furnace shutoff switch or at the breaker box. 

2. Look at where the wires from the furnace attach to the old thermostat.

3. Double-check that your new thermostat is compatible with your furnace.

4. Install each marked wire on the new thermostat's terminal block by matching the letters on each wire and terminal.

5. Install batteries in the programmable thermostat if needed.

Wireless Thermostat Installation

1.Install the electronic interface module (receiver) on the wall next to the boiler.

2.Connect the two wires from the receiver to the appropriate zone valve.

3.Connect two more wires from the receiver to the transformer. Use cable studs to fix the wires to the wall and ceiling.

4.Follow the manufacturer's simple button instructions to connect the receiver to the thermostat.

5.Install the thermostat on the indoor wall, away from any windows or heating electronic devices.

6.Screw the mounting base of the thermostat to the wall by using two hollow wall anchors.

7.Snap the thermostat into the mounting base and program it to the desired room temperature.

8.The heat can be controlled wirelessly via a wall-mounted thermostat, or via the Internet on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How Does A Wireless Thermostat Connect To Boiler?

Most thermostats are made up of three parts: a hub, a receiver, and the thermostat. The hub plugs into a broadband router and the receiver is then wired up to the boiler. This connects the boiler to the internet so it can be controlled remotely and allowed to talk to your smart thermostat.

Energy Efficiency Savings

With professional temperature detection, programmable, opening window detection, APP control functions, POER true digital thermostat save around 20%-30% cost in your heating bill. We help to reduce the heating time and keep comfort control heating & air for you at the same time.

Control your heating from phone!

Energy Efficiency Savings
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