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POER PTC10+PTR10+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat

Upgrade your home heating control system

Controlling your gas boiler, underfloor heating and radiators

POER APPSmart control    20%-30% Cost saving

POER PTC10+PTR10+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat
Smart and Comfortable

POER smart wireless thermostat, it has scientific screen information settings, comfortable buttons,

Ultra-low-power MCU, battery-powered, wall-mounted and desktop placement support. The elegant body is made of high- quality custom materials.

Facilitated a good model of thermostat technology. 2*AA batteries meet the requirements of 1-2 years of battery life. This highly praised by customers ;

PTC10/PTR10+PTG10 is a good partner to improve our quality of life, and also a good partner for the boiler temp control.

High Precision
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
High Precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Comfortable Control

PTC10 has a high-precision temperature sensor, intimate humidity sensor is more concerned about your life. Both can continuously and stably monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. And the rare thing is that POER Specially provided offset correction options for the equipment to meet each customer's sense of temperature and humidity, Cognitive, comparative personalized needs.

PID control mode optional

In terms of control, the thermostat manufacturer, POER has more heavyweight performance for you to discover. PTC10 has normal temperature Control mode and more advanced comfortable and stable PID control mode  for customers to choose. 

At the same time, both control mode can achieve the adjustment setting of accuracy 0.1-1.0.

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Connect to the Server Through the Gateway
You can check and control your home
heating anytime anywhere

The temperature controller PTC10 in each room can be connected to the Internet through the gateway. We can use the App to view and control the electric floor heating or other electric heating equipment wherever there is internet. For example, if you want to go home temporarily, you can turn on the electric floor heating at home in the office.

Connect to the Server Through the Gateway
POER PTC10+PTR10+PTG10 Wifi Wireless Thermostat
Energy Saving
Reduce Cost by 20%-30%
Energy Saving

PTC10, as one of the home thermostats for sale, has a window detection function for option. When opening a window or door, 

the thermostat will automatically detect the temperature difference to temporarily shut down the boiler or other heating sources 

to save energy. The specific closing time could be adjusted

Wireless Connection
Solve the problem that the renovated house cannot be wired
Support wall and desktop placement
Wireless Connection
  • PTC10 has two installation methods

    It can be placed on the table or be installed on the wall by the attached screws.

  • PTR10 is generally installed near by gas boiler

    can be fixed by perforating on the wall or through the attached 3M adhesive.

Low battery alarm
program information is automatically saved
Antifreeze/child lock function
  • Battery power Low battery alarm display
    Battery power Low battery alarm display
  • Programming information  is not lost after power off
    Programming information is not lost after power off
  • Antifreeze protection
    Antifreeze protection
  • Children lock
    Children lock
  • How to connect PTR10 to gas boiler?
    How to set thermostat for heat pump?
  • How to connect two thermostat to one receiver?
  • How to check the signal strength on PTC10?
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