Poer Thermostats and Smart TRVs Can Save Your Bills

  • Savings

    POER SMART - floor heating thermostat manufacturer manages your heating automatically and accurately according to your actually demand.

    Our floor heating control system helps the customers to save around 20%-30% in heating bills.

  • Saving 1

    With precise temperature control and programming function. 

    The energy consumption could be saved every minute. 

    Effectively reduce excessively high temperature waste and 

    nobody in-room heating waste.

    At the same time, the POER smart home thermostat will keep daily life comfortable.

  • Saving  2

    Every room could be heated individually using our heating thermostat to maximumly saving the heating energy.

  • Saving 3

    If connecting multiple thermostats in your room. 

    Several devices can work together to turning on or turning off the boiler.

    To reduce unnecessary heating from the boiler.

    As a professional wireless thermostat china manufacturer, Poer offers various wireless radiator control devices for single or mutiple thermostats requirements.

  • Saving 4

    Window Opening Detection Function Option

    POER's smart thermostat has a window detection function for option. When opening a window or door, the thermostat will automatically detect the temperature difference to temporarily shut down the boiler or other heating sources to save energy. The specific closing time could be adjusted. We have a selection of smart wireless and wifi thermostats with window detection function for your choice. View our heating control products and you can find the best one for your house.