POER Smart Wireless Radiator thermostatic valve

PTV 30

New control method of radiator brought by new technology  -- WiFi controlled radiator valves

comfortable and energy-saving smart home radiator valve

POER PTV30 Smart Radiator Thermostat

POER PTV30 Smart Radiator Thermostat Advantage
We put a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor in this small body.
These two sensors will measure the temperature and humidity of the room all the time,
so that we can accurately and stably control the heating temperature of the room.
Temperature Sensor and a Humidity Sensor

PID Comfort Control

In terms of smart radiator control, PTV30 app controlled radiator valve has a more advanced, comfortable and stable PID control method. 

Through a specific algorithm, the remote WiFi thermostatic radiator valve supports all-round comfort control for rooms with different room sizes and different thermal insulation coefficients.

PID Comfort Control
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One gateway connect to 10 pieces device
Let us view and control the heating of the home
anytime, anywhere

As a bridge connecting low-power wireless devices, the gateway can connect our smart home radiator thermostat to the Internet, 

so as long as there is a network, you can control heating from mobile phone to see the heating situation in your home, and make smart radiator control.    

One Gateway Connect to 10 Pieces Device
POER PTV30 Smart Radiator Thermostat Valve
Energy Saving
Reduce costs by 20%-30%
Energy Saving

The smart thermostatic radiator valves will automatically adjust the size of the hot water flow according to the set target temperature 

and the actual temperature of the environment, so as to achieve the purpose of stable smart heating control.

Convection heating to warm
the whole room
Convection Heating to Warm The Whole Room
Working together to control the boiler
Multiple radiator thermostatic valves realize room individual control, and several TRVs can work together to control the boiler. So that if one radiator needs heating, the gas boiler will turn on and i...
Multiple Radiator Thermostatic Valves
  • Battery Power Lower Battery Alarm Display
    Battery Power Lower Battery Alarm Display
  • Antifreeze  Protection
    Antifreeze Protection
  • Child Lock
    Child Lock
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