Comparison between POER Floor Heating Thermostat and Mechanical Thermostat

POER floor heating thermostat has one-week programming function, and the new product is preset with 3 stages of programming. When using it for the first time, you can also adjust it according to your needs. You can set the temperature value of each time period. Generally, one week of programming is divided into three methods, which are "one week", "every day", "5+2" programming mode. It supports up to 12 time periods per day. After setting the programming parameters for a week, the thermostat will control according to the parameters you set. If you don’t need to use the programming mode to control, you only need to set the thermostat working mode to Manual mode is fine (operation method: press OK key to change working mode).

After finishing the setting, the thermostat will control the heating equipment according to the set temperature. When the heating status icon is displayed on the panel, it means that meanwhile the temperature measured by the sensor has not reached to the set temperature, and the heating equipment is already in the heating. If this icon is not displayed, it means that the temperature measured by the sensor has reached to the set temperature, and it also means that the heating equipment has stopped heating.

Analysis of usage of mechanical floor heating thermostat

Mechanical thermostats are much simpler than liquid crystal thermostats. First, connect correctly according to the wiring requirements of the manual. First connect the thermostat to the power supply, and then connect the load equipment (electric heating film, electric cable). The temperature measuring device used in the type thermostat is a bimetallic running-in piece for temperature measurement, so the external sensors cannot be connected.

After connected to the wires, install the thermostat on the 86 box against the wall. After installation, you can turn on the power for testing and use. Turn the switch on the right side of the thermostat to the turn on spot, and then set the setting temperature (the temperature setting knob is on the thermostat knob; align the temperature scale you want to set to the point in the middle of the thermostat, so that the thermostat setting is completed), the thermostat also starts to control according to your temperature (meanwhile when the indicator light on the thermostat is on, it means that the heating setting is already in working status, and when the indicator light is off, it means that the thermostat is in a stopped working status).