Wireless Thermostats - Make the Wall-hung Boiler in Your Home Smarter

1. Introduction of wireless heating thermostats

Among wireless heating thermostats, smart wireless thermostats are mainly used. Since they are launched, they have been loved by many users of wall-hung boiler. Using a microcomputer automatic intelligent logic design, they can connect to the wall-hung boiler and independently set the heating temperature and time at home. Nowadays, they have advanced equipment with intuitive LCD displays and convenient touch operation. Through the intelligent wireless thermostat, users can set the heating temperature for different time periods within a week according to their own situation, and can also set the temperature of different rooms.

Wireless heating thermostat can also help you reduce gas usage. When there is no one in the house, it can lower the temperature to the "duty" temperature to ensure that the machine and circulating water will not freeze. Before returning home, the heating system can be activated through the intelligent module, and you can feel warm immediately after going back home. If the smart thermostats are installed and used reasonably, the gas consumption of the boiler can be reduced by about 30%.

2. Features of wireless heating thermostats

(1) The correct installation position of the wireless thermostats

During installation, the wireless thermostats must be far away from heat and cold sources, such as radiators, doors and windows, because their temperature sensing devices are relatively sensitive. Otherwise, the wall-hung boiler will stop as soon as the heating is hot, and the wall-hung boiler will start as soon as the doors and windows are opened, which will interfere with the normal operation of the wall-hung boiler and affect its function. It is suitable to install a wireless thermostat in a place that can cover the average temperature, or in a place with a lot of human activity, or in a place that can avoid cold sources, heat sources, and air ducts. The installation height is generally about 1.4m (at the same level as the light switch), and the distance from the doors and windows should be greater than 0.8m.

(2) Wiring position where the wireless thermostats are connected to the wall-hung boiler

On the left or right sides of the bottom of the wall-hung boiler, the connection ports can be selected arbitrarily. Pre-embed square wire box, and match it with a box cover with a round hole in the middle. The wire is threaded with a multi-strand twisted-pair soft cord with a diameter of 2 × 0.75 and above (phone line and lamp head line can be used, but two are needed). Reserve 0.5m in the threading room and 1m in the wall-hung boiler. Wrap the reserved wire into a group and put it in the box, and then seal the wire box with hard foam of same size(to prevent anyone from pulling).

(3) Precautions for the installation of wireless thermostats

When installing a wireless thermostat in the wall-hung boiler, the voltage should be considered and it should be below 6V. It is best to buy the temperature controller from the wall-hung boiler manufacture, because they have professional after-sales in installation and wiring ,the advantage of which is conducive to the warranty. Once there is a problem with the wall-hung boiler caused by the thermostat, it is not possible for people to shirk the responsibility to each other, causing unnecessary trouble to the user.