Wifi Thermostat Takes You into the Smart World

Smart thermostats have become very popular in Europe, and the products are different, all to give users more control functions. The global positioning function it provides is about to change people's habit of directly operating the thermostat.

Our lives are busier and more colorful than ever before, and few people know the exact time to get home in advance. The global positioning function provided by the thoughtful smart central heating thermostat provides an ideal solution for busy and irregular crowds like us. It helps to turn off the heating system automatically when the last person leaves the house, and turns it back on when the first person returns home. Even smarter, the smart thermostat enables multi-user operation, so none of your family members will freeze in a cold home!

Suitable for traditional heating systems and water floor heating systems. For those who are looking for an Internet thermostat, the Geo global positioning function provided by the latest smart thermostat products is truly "smart" in smart thermostats!

1. Smart WiFi thermostat controlled by smartphone

The Smart WiFi Thermostat has a built-in WiFi module that connects directly to your router. Connecting the smart thermostat to your smartphone via our cloud server takes only a few minutes to set up, and no technical expertise is required here. Smart Thermostat for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

2. GEO positioning of smart WiFi thermostat

The GEO location feature uses your phone's base station, your accessory's WiFi, and your GPS to calculate your location. When setting up the GEO positioning function on the Smart Central Heating Thermostat App, you need to set the triggers for leaving and returning, and when you pass these trigger points, the smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature of your home.

3. Flexible programming of smart WiFi thermostat

The smart thermostat can be set as non-programmable, 24 hours programming, you can always choose the corresponding programming mode according to your needs. The Smart WiFi Thermostat is an option that requires no wiring at all and is perfect for the new build or retrofit market. Provide users with a truly flexible, feature-rich intelligent control solution.