Why Do We Recommend WiFi Thermostat?

The WiFi thermostat is also called the remote-control thermostat. It is a representative of the development of the Internet of Things. Compared with the common thermostat, it can be remotely controlled and intelligently operated, which makes the HVAC project more comfortable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

By the APP on the smartphone, the WiFi thermostat can remotely control the temperature. It can also help you know the real-time temperature of the home and automatically control the system radiator, natural ventilation and air conditioning system equipment (such as central air conditioning, electric heater and wall-hanging stove) to make the temperature in the room stabilize at the temperature you set.

The reason why you should choose the WiFi thermostat?

1. WiFi Thermostat Save Cost

It is no problem for the wall-hanging stove to work independently without installing a WiFi thermostat. However, the indoor temperature can only be controlled by manually adjusting the water temperature of the wall-hanging stove. In this way, it is impossible to precisely set the room temperature which is likely to be too high. But the situation will be changed if the thermostat is with a programming mode. The mode can set the temperature in time-sharing sections and run at low temperature at noon or when people are away from home, which can significantly save gas. There is 20%~30% gas that can be saved with our WiFi thermostat.

2. WiFi Thermostat Make Your Place Comfort

The wall-hanging stove can only work on the temperature of floor heating and water. But changing temperature and environment can not be correspondingly shown on the room temperature, which makes the room temperature too high or too low. When talking about the WiFi central heating thermostat, it controls the stove according to the room temperature and can automatically adjust in each period of time through the programming mode. What's more, the thermostat with intelligent learning function can program by itself according to the user's habits. Thus, it can allow users to enjoy a comfortable room temperature and save energy at the same time.

3. WiFi Thermostat Is Convenience

You can use it as the air conditioner faceplate and directly see the figure on the screen.

4. WiFi Thermostat Has Simple Operation

The timing of the stove is fully automatic with no more manual operation.

5. WiFi Thermostat Brought Coziness

There is no need to wait for warming when you get up or go back home because the room temperature is adjusted at different times.

6. WiFi Thermostat Is Safer

The WiFi thermostat will be forced to start the stove when the room temperature is too low. It only costs very little natural gas to be safely against the cold.