Which One is Better for You, Underfloor Heating, Heating Radiator or Fan Coil?

The HVAC system at home is often the most difficult to choose. When you finally choose the air source heat pump as the host in the gas boiler, central air conditioner, and air source heat pump, it is difficult to choose the other terminal. There is underfloor heating, fan coil, and heating radiator as your choices. However, which one is the best and the most cost-effective?

1. Underfloor heating

As the most popular heating method nowadays, the underfloor heating are mostly used in new houses. It can cover a wide area, which can take the whole house into consideration in an all-round way, reducing the unevenness of cold and heat. Underfloor heating radiates heat through the hot water in the underfloor pipe, allowing the heat to slowly rise from the ground and forming a comfortable feeling that your feet are warm but your body won't be too hot. For wealthy residents with high requirements for electric underfloor heating smart thermostat, it is the best choice.

2. Fan coil

Fan coil is similar to household air conditioners. It is generally wall-mounted, LM or NFCI and can be operated after plugging in the power source. The hot water supplied by the heat pump can be used to generate hot air. Because the hot wind blows directly, it is slightly uncomfortable compared to the radiator.

3. Heating radiator

The smart thermostat electric radiator is one of the most common heating terminals in the north regions. In the process of changing coal to electricity, the air source heat pump can be matched with it. But in terms of the heating efficiency, it is not the best choice. Because it is usually made by metal materials, the heat transfer capacity is not particularly strong. Thus, to achieve the best effect of the smart thermostat electric radiator, it is necessary to ensure that the water temperature inside the radiator is high enough, which should be in the range of 60~90℃. The higher the required outlet water temperature is, the greater the power consumption of the air energy heat pump will be, but the higher the heating cost will be.

To achieve a good heating effect, the selection of underfloor heating products should follow the principles as follows:

1) Choose an experienced and professional underfloor heating company. The installation is more important than product in the underfloor heating industry. From plan design, product selection, construction and installation to after-sales service, the significance of professional experience is self-evident. If there is no professional participate in the process, it will affect the heating effect or may greatly reduce the life of the system. On the other hand, it will increase the energy consumption of the system and increase the cost during long-term use.

2) Products with excellent performance and systems with higher cost performance. Underfloor heating is a kind of systematic project. Experienced underfloor heating companies will select high-quality and cost-effective pipes, insulation materials, and control systems according to the structure, orientation, and layout of the user's room. It can avoid the hidden trouble in the long-term use process made by the workers through cheating on workmanship and materials. Also, it can make the systematic price matched, achieving the comfort and energy saving purpose.