Where is the Low-carbon Environmental Protection of Electric Floor Heating Reflected?

As we all know, low-carbon environmental protection has become a popular way of life, and creating a low-carbon living environment is not only for ourselves, but also for the benefit of future generations. Whether winter heating can achieve low-carbon heating has become a topic of increasing concern. Now, electric heating has become the forerunner of low-carbon heating. What are the low-carbon performances of electric floor heating?

1. The low carbon performance of electric floor heating

(1) Low-carbon conversion: The thermal conversion efficiency of electric heating is high. Compared with the traditional heating method, the heat transfer rate of the heating cable used in electric floor heating is as high as 99%, which greatly reduces the energy loss during the conversion and transfer process.

(2) Low-carbon energy: The energy required for electric floor heating is clean and renewable. Compared with heating energy such as coal, natural gas and wood, electric energy, as a heating energy with great development potential, is booming with the rise of new energy represented by solar energy, wind energy, water energy, and nuclear energy. The electric energy provided by new energy sources is clean, renewable, low-carbon or even "zero" carbon energy.

(3) Low-carbon life: It conforms to ergonomic design and it is comfortable and intelligent. Compared with the point-type heating system represented by the traditional plumbing radiators and radiators, the electric floor heating system, as the representative of the low-temperature ground radiant heating method, is very suitable for the livable needs of people to keep their feet warm and cool in the activity space. It makes people feel that the indoor temperature is uniform, fresh, comfortable and quiet, and there is no dryness and stuffiness caused by traditional heating, and no indoor dust floating due to airflow.

(4) Low carbon emission: Zero emission of pollution such as exhaust gas is realized. Compared with traditional heating methods, the use of electric energy as heating energy eliminates the need to build boiler rooms, coal storage, ash stacking, pipe networks and other facilities, which saves land and reduces emissions of waste gas, waste water, waste and other pollutants to zero.

2. Electric floor heating is favored by the market due to environmental protection and low carbon

Electric floor heating has become an epoch-making new heating method with its advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and comfortable heating, and has become a symbol of the quality of family life. Electric floor heating system is an important way to realize low-carbon heating for the whole people. Its advantages are mainly reflected in low-carbon energy, low-carbon emissions, living and other aspects.

Adjust the temperature and control time at will, and the far-infrared rays emitted have the functions of regulating immunity and delaying aging on the human body, which conforms to the principle of human health preservation of warming feet and head. The best electric floor heating system realizes the control of households and rooms. Users can independently and arbitrarily adjust the temperature of any room in the room according to their own needs, and can realize programming and remote control. Electric floor heating products have great advantages in terms of environmental protection, energy saving, quality and economy. Electric floor heating can effectively prevent energy waste and is conducive to public welfare and environmental protection. Therefore, electric floor heating will definitely become the best choice for winter heating.