What Skills of Buying Electric Floor Heating?

Electric floor heating, as the name implies, is a device that converts electrical energy into heat. It is an essential device in winter. However, many people often have problems with electric floor heating in their homes because of improper purchase. Buying electric floor heating is not the same as buying ordinary household appliances, and you need to do your homework carefully. So what are the buying tips for electric floor heating? Let's take a look together next.

1. Thermostat selection

The thermostat of the electric floor heating is a key part, which is the operating end of the user to control the electric floor heating system. According to floor heating experts, the quality of the thermostat depends on its own quality and the quality of its control procedures. The dual-temperature dual-control intelligent thermostat for floor heating can control the system temperature in six periods a day, which is more convenient to use.

2. Main material selection

Electric floor heating is a very popular type of floor heating equipment. It can be divided into several types, such as heating cable floor heating, electric heating film floor heating, and carbon crystal floor heating. According to floor heating experts, among all electric floor heating, heating cable electric floor heating is currently the safest, most reliable, most popular, and most convenient to use.

3. Selection of auxiliary materials

Although the auxiliary materials of electric floor heating are not as much as those of water floor heating, the insulation board, reflective film and steel mesh must be purchased in strict accordance with the data provided by the designer to avoid the failure of the entire heating system due to the quality of the auxiliary materials.

4. Floor heating system installation

The installation of electric floor heating requires everyone to pay special attention. As a complete heating system, you must choose professional construction personnel, otherwise it is easy to damage the heating cable due to improper operation, and then the electric floor heating system can not operate normally.