What Should Be Paid Attention to in Floor Heating Design?

The full name of floor heating is low-temperature floor radiant heating, which is a form in which the floor is heated by a heating pipe buried under the floor, and then the heat is evenly transmitted to the room. The underfloor heating design specifications are completed, which can make its effect better, the indoor temperature becomes more uniform, people will feel more comfortable, and the radiation area is large, and the energy-saving effect is better.

Ⅰ. What should be paid attention to in underfloor heating design?

1. What kind of materials should be laid on the thermal floor heating must be paid attention to. At present, the wood floor is more recommended.

When selecting, users need to pay attention to buying a floor that is dimensionally stable, has good thermal stability, and has relatively low water content, and is not easy to deform after use. At the same time, it should also meet the requirements for heat dissipation and conduction, and the thickness should not be too large. For thick materials, after all, heat transfer must be ensured first.

The user needs to go to a regular shopping mall to choose the floor, pay attention to see if the design is uniform, press it with hand to see the hardness of the floor, and try to choose the floor with high hardness.

2. When installing the floor used for floor heating, it is not as simple as a composite floor, and the requirements are quite strict.

Before laying, it is necessary to conduct a heating experiment to see at what temperature the ground can completely dry out. If it cannot be tested, it will usually not be constructed.

When laying, the first thing to do is to lay a layer of plastic sheet on the ground to prevent the release of moisture. Then it is to lay the commonly used moisture-proof mat, pay attention to leaving a certain expansion gap around, the use of skirting is usually a little thicker than the modern ordinary one.

Ground laying and skirting need to be carried out separately, and after all laying is completed, the glue needs to be completely dried before heating can be carried out. When installing the floor, you need to pay attention to it. There can be no fixed furniture on it, and it is best not to place furniture without legs, which will hinder the flow of airflow.

3. After the underfloor heating floor is installed, when you use it for the first time, you also need to pay attention to the temperature setting not too fast, but first turn it on at a low temperature, wait for an hour or so after running in a low temperature state, and then raise the temperature slowly, don't worry. After choosing the floor, installing it, and using it scientifically and rationally in the later stage, you can give full play to the advantages of floor heating and make your home life more comfortable and quality.