What Makes a Thermostat Turn into a Smart Thermostat

Smart WiFi thermostats are becoming more and more popular, and the reasons for it are obvious. During the heating season, the cost of energy consumption can account for 80% of the household's daily expenditure bill. Reducing heating costs is an important measure for household expenditure.

1. Smart WiFi thermostat is more convenient

Just like anything else, the simpler and easier to make something, the more we like to use it. This idea also applies to heating systems. Smart WiFi thermostat is easier to operate your heating system through a smart phone than on a small thermostat display.

2. Smart WiFi thermostat is more energy-efficient

Location-based control: Some smart WiFi thermostats can now control the heating system based on the user's geographic location. It is achieved by using location information on your smartphone.

The smart WiFi thermostat can be used by multiple users in the home at the same time. It will automatically turn off the heating when the last person in the home goes out, and turn it on or raise the temperature when the first person goes home.

3. Smart WiFi thermostat self-learning optimization system

Some smart thermostats will automatically adjust the schedule to keep your home warm when needed. The smart WiFi thermostat can continuously and automatically learn the temperature rise time of the heating system in the user's home throughout the year, adjust it with the continuous changes of the season and temperature, and save for the user throughout the year.

4. Automation

When we install more and more smart WiFi thermostat technology devices in our homes, it makes sense to let them "talk to each other". For example, when you relax and watch a movie at night, you might turn off the light, turn on the TV, and turn up the temperature.