What is Wireless Thermostat and Control System?

The WIFI heating control system, also called wireless thermostat, is a product of the development of the Internet of Things. Compared with conventional thermostats, it mainly has more features such as remote control and intelligent operation, which makes HVAC more comfortable and energy-saving.

The remote control of the temperature control of the WIFI heating control system can be realized through the APP on the mobile phone. Check the real-time temperature at home remotely, and automatically control heating and air conditioning equipment (electric heaters, wall-hung boilers, etc.) to keep the indoor temperature constant at the temperature you set.

The wireless thermostat control method is generally controlled by the temperature difference of the heated object, and electronic temperature controllers are mostly used.

1. The main function of WIFI heating control system and thermostat

In Europe, in most cases, the thermostat is a necessary accessory for the boiler. The two are delivered to users at the same time. And most of the thermostats equipped are wireless heating thermostats. The room heating system is equipped with a wireless thermostat, which is an extremely prominent and important link in the comprehensive energy-saving heating system.

(1) Convenience: The wall-hung boiler is automatically adjusted every day, and switched in advance or later, eliminating manual operation; it can also be controlled remotely by mobile phone APP, which is convenient, fast and efficient.

(2) Comfort: The room temperature is automatically adjusted at each time of day, morning, night and midnight, so as to avoid the embarrassment of waiting for the room to heat up in the morning and when you get home from get off work.

(3) Gas-saving: The wireless heating thermostat has advanced and accurate room temperature control, plus it can run at room temperature in time intervals on demand without burning gas day and night.

(4) Rest assured: The wall-hung boiler is forced to start when the room temperature is too low, and the room can be safely protected against freezing with very little gas.

2. Scope of application of wireless heating control system thermostat

(1) Product application: It can be used for temperature control of water floor heating, wall-hung boiler, electric floor heating, electric heating film, and electric radiator.

(2) Functional application: It has integrated application functions, can be developed according to user needs, and can meet most of the use needs.