What is the Operating Cost of Radiant Floor Heating?

The operating cost of the best radiant floor heating can usually be reduced by 1/5-2/5 compared to traditional convection heating systems such as air heating and central air conditioning.

Ⅰ. Influencing factors of operating cost of electric radiant floor heating

1. The floor of the electric radiant floor heating room, the direction of the room, the insulation condition of the wall, the size of the glass window, and whether double-layer hollow glass is used, etc. cause the house insulation and heat dissipation conditions to vary greatly, for example, the multi-sided walls of a single villa directly contact the outside world to dissipate more heat. If the heat preservation is not done well, and the room must reach the same temperature, the required heat may increase exponentially.

2. Each household has different usage habits of electric radiant floor heating. The comfortable temperature required by different households differs by 2 to 5°C. Some households are accustomed to opening windows twice in the morning and evening for half an hour for natural ventilation, which will affect operating costs.

Ⅱ. Advantages of best radiant floor heating

1. The best radiant floor heating adopts radiant heating that conforms to the physiological demand curve of the human body. Even if the indoor set temperature is 2~5℃ lower than the convection heating, it can make people feel the same warmth.

2. The best radiant floor heating adopts a low-temperature heat source, greatly reducing the heat transfer loss of temperature difference, and the thermal efficiency is greatly improved compared with convection heating, which can reduce the operating cost of the system by 20-30%. If the control system is used properly, it can not only improve the comfort of the room, but also reduce the operating cost of the system to 2/5 or more.