What Is the Home Heating Control System?

1. Brief introduction of home heating control system

The home heating control system is introduced from developed countries in Europe and America, with advanced technology, and each household has an independent system that can control the switch individually. Its function is mainly to provide warmth for home life, and even in the cold and humid winter, it can make you feel the warmth of spring when you are indoors.

2. The composition of the home heating system

The system is mainly composed of a host (such as a gas wall-hung boiler), a terminal (such as a radiator) and connected pipes.

Generally, the function of the frequently-chosen gas wall-hung boilers whose host uses pipeline gas (natural gas, coal gas) as energy source is for heating and providing domestic hot water. To put it simply, the installation of this system can not only provide heating, but also can supply domestic hot water at any time, which can save water heaters.

What Is the Home Heating Control System

3. Advantages of home heating control system:

① High comfort, which is embodied in the characteristics such as uniform indoor temperature, no noise, no dryness, no air convection, and only heating without wind, etc;

②The cost to use it is low, about half of that of electric heating equipment;

③Simple operation, and each room can be individually controlled in temperature.

4.Radiator system and floor heating system

With a direct heating effect, the radiator system can be used once it is open, and it will make the room heat up quickly. It has relatively low use cost, and has no requirement for the installed floor.

The floor heating system is more comfortable, but it can only have a effect when it is open for a long time, because low-temperature water (below 60℃) runs under the floor. Therefore, its use cost is relatively high. In addition, when choosing a floor, you must choose a variety with a smaller deformation coefficient after heating, such as, floor tiles, marble and professional geothermal solid wood flooring.

5. Installation period of the home heating system

About the installation of floor heating systems, the first is usually to design the plan before decorating, and then arrange the pipes when starting the decoration (because nowadays, the hidden pipes are usually arranged). At the end of decoration, the boiler and controller are installed and the whole system is debugged.

The radiator system can be installed on the surface, so you can install it at any time as long as you need heating, generally only about a day.