What is Multi-zone Floor Heating Control?

I believe everyone understands the importance of heating in winter, so many families start to renovate floor heating systems. Floor heating is low-temperature radiant floor heating. Low-temperature radiant floor heating is a heating method that heats the floor surface temperature to 18-32°C through a heating pipe (special floor heating pipe or heating cable) buried under the floor, and evenly radiates heat to the room to achieve a heating effect.

1. What is a multi-zone heating system?

The multi-zone heating system uses a temperature control system for temperature adjustment. Flat-floor units generally have a temperature control device installed in a typical location, such as the living room, master bedroom, and second bedroom. The temperature control devices are respectively connected to the multi zone boiler and the multi-zone floor heating. The thermostat directly adjusts the on-off of the hot water in each room according to the room temperature and temperature settings, and at the same time adjusts the ignition and shutdown of the boiler. The temperature of each room can be set according to different needs to achieve the effect of multi-zone intelligent heating, which is your best choice in winter.

2. How to use WIFI wireless thermostat to control multi-zone radiant floor heating?

The WIFI thermostat upgrades your home heating control system wirelessly. It can perform multi-room heating control and multi-zone floor heating control. The wireless thermostat can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall with the attached screws.

The WIFI thermostat from POER is a temperature sensor with high precision. The intimate humidity sensor cares more about your life. Both can continuously and stably monitor the indoor temperature and humidity. Compared with other products, our WIFI thermostat specifically provides offset correction options for the device to meet the temperature and humidity sense, cognition and more personalized needs of each customer.

If you install a WIFI thermostat, you can check and control the home heating anytime and anywhere. You only need to connect the WIFI thermostat in each room to the Internet through the gateway. As long as there is Internet, you can use APP to view and control the heating in your home. For example, if you want to go home temporarily, you can turn on the heating system in your home through APP in the office. It makes your life more convenient.

POER is committed to promoting more families to upgrade heating control, and make contributions to ordinary families, so that they can get a happy, comfortable and convenient life, and save more energy and money through the smart home heating control technology we provide.