What is a Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat?

When it comes to digital temperature controller thermostat, everyone should not be unfamiliar, but you may only know the literal meaning, what is thermostat specifically, what is a digital thermostat, and what are its functions? Let's see what a digital thermostat is.

Ⅰ. What is digital temperature controller thermostat?

The digital temperature controller thermostat is used to automatically turn on and turn off various heating equipment, set and adjust the indoor temperature, and can automatically adjust the room temperature according to the preset program under the condition of no one; make it comfortable temperature. The digital thermostat is one of the large family of thermostats.

The digital electronic temperature controller is an accurate temperature detection controller that can digitally quantify the temperature. Thermostats generally use NTC thermal sensors or thermocouples as temperature detection elements. Its principle is: the NTC thermal sensors or thermocouples are designed into the corresponding circuits, and the NTC thermal sensors or thermocouples change with temperature. Corresponding voltage and current changes will be generated, and then the changed voltage and current will be detected and quantified by the microcontroller, and corresponding control will be done. The digital temperature controller has the characteristics of high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitiveness, and convenient operation.

What is a Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat

In most cases in Europe, the thermostat is a necessary accessory for wall-hung boilers, and the two are delivered to the user at the same time, and most of the thermostats equipped are smart thermostats. In China, nearly 95% of wall-hung boilers that have been installed in operation and are being installed and debugged and are ready to be put into use are not equipped with any form of simple or intelligent thermostat in advance. The room heating system equipped with thermostats, especially smart thermostats, is an extremely prominent and most important link in the comprehensive energy-saving heating system.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of a digital temperature controller thermostat?

1. Convenience: 

Automatically adjust the wall-hung boiler in advance or delay every day, eliminating manual operation, which is most necessary for office workers' families.

2. Comfort: 

The room temperature is adjusted automatically every morning, afternoon and night, so as to avoid the embarrassment of getting up in the morning and waiting for the room to heat up and getting cold after returning home from get off work.

3. Gas-saving:

The extensive water temperature control is changed to advanced and accurate room temperature control, and the room temperature is set at different intervals to run on demand, without the need for open day and night heating.

4. Rest assured: 

The wall-hung boiler is forced to start when the room temperature is too low, and the room can be safely protected against freezing with very little gas.

Digital temperature controller thermostat has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, good data collection sensitivity, intuitive data, convenient setting and operation, and long service life. It is now a must-have choice for more and more consumers.