What Aspects of Electric Floor Heating Are Better Than Air-conditioning Heating?

The electric floor heating system uses the heating cable as the heat source, and uses the thermostat to control the room temperature or floor temperature to realize the heating method of ground radiant heating. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled using a thermostat. The role of the electric floor heating temperature control system in the entire floor heating system cannot be ignored. The temperature control system controls the operation of the entire floor heating system. The electric floor heating intelligent thermostat controls the heat provided by the heating system by sensing changes in the indoor ambient temperature. The electric floor heating system sets different temperatures according to different models of thermostats when setting the temperature. The correct use of the temperature control system is also a very important factor in the energy-saving operation of the floor heating system. No matter what kind of floor heating system it is, it should abide by the relevant specifications when using it, and do not affect the heating effect of the floor heating system due to misuse.

The setting of the heating temperature of the electric floor heating intelligent thermostat can greatly improve the effective working efficiency of the system, reduce energy consumption and ensure the stability of indoor temperature. The intelligent thermostat is easy to operate, and can realize room temperature control, ground temperature control and dual temperature dual control methods. Using a specific thermostat, the day can be set to continuous time periods according to the user's living habits, and each time period has a corresponding preset temperature value. In addition, the operation mode of time period control or temporary control can be selected, and cycle control can be carried out to truly realize free control and economical operation. The electric floor heating heating system is to lay the heating cable on the ground, add accessories, concrete backfill, and then electrify to heat the floor by thermal radiation to achieve a comfortable and healthy heating environment. Compared with traditional air-conditioning heating, what are the advantages?

1. The electric floor heating system has no noise pollution

A very bad phenomenon of air-conditioning heating is that the noise is too loud, which seriously affects people's rest and makes people very irritable. Especially if the children at home are doing their homework, it will disturb the children's thinking and cannot provide a good learning environment. The electric floor heating system is quiet and noiseless, and these bad phenomena will not occur.

2. The heat principle of the electric floor heating system is superior

Since the principle of the air conditioner is to blow the hot air from the top to the middle and lower parts of the roof through strong wind, the heat distribution is gradually reduced from the head to the feet, and the hot air is directly facing the head. Long-term use of the air conditioner can easily lead to dry mouth. Dry tongue and various upper respiratory tract diseases. The electric floor heating system heats up from the soles of the feet, which is in line with the principle of health physiotherapy, especially for the health of the elderly and children.

3. Electric floor heating system does not occupy space

When using air conditioners, the on-hook or cabinet of the air conditioner also takes up space for drainage. The electric floor heating system is installed underground, does not occupy indoor space, and the entire system has a long service life and is maintenance-free and maintenance-free.

4. Electric floor heating system can be billed by household

Air conditioning refrigeration requires the use of Freon, which is a refrigerant that smells bad. The electric floor heating system is green and environmentally friendly and does not cause environmental pollution. It does not produce smoke and dust, which meets the requirements of urban planning and meets the requirements of modern society for green environmental protection. Electric floor heating system can be billed by household. To meet the needs of various users, it can be measured by household, unit or floor, and the user can freely control the electricity consumption.