Types of Intelligent Radiator Valve

The radiator temperature control valve is an automatic control valve installed on the radiator. The radiator thermostatic valve is a proportional control valve that can work without additional energy. It adjusts and controls the indoor temperature by changing the heating water flow rate. It is an economical and energy-saving product.

1. Introduction of the main types of radiator valves

The main types of radiator valves are mechanical temperature control valves and intelligent radiator temperature control valves.

  • The control element of the mechanical radiator valve is a temperature bulb, which is filled with temperature-sensitive materials. When the room temperature rises, the temperature bulb expands to close the valve, reducing the hot water supply of the radiator. When the room temperature drops, the process is reversed. In this way, the purpose of temperature control can be achieved.

  • The intelligent temperature control valve gas includes a temperature sensor, temperature control unit and electromechanical unit. When it is used, the intelligent radiator temperature control valve is installed on the radiator in the room to detect the room temperature. The intelligent radiator temperature control valve can intelligently adjust the opening of the radiator valve according to the set temperature change, thereby controlling the room temperature.

2. How to set the radiator valve in an energy-saving way?

In order to make radiator heating more energy-efficient, POER designed a radiator valves smart-PTV30,radiator valves smart, which is a app controlled radiator valves. We have placed a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor in this compact body. These two sensors will always measure the temperature and humidity of the room, so we can accurately and stably control the heating temperature of the room. In terms of wireless radiator control, the PTV30 radiator valves smart has a more advanced, comfortable and stable PID control method.

Through a specific algorithm, the remote thermostatic radiator valve can perform all-round control of rooms with different room sizes and different thermal insulation coefficients. A gateway connects 10 devices, allowing you to view and control the heating of the house anytime and anywhere. It automatically adjusts the hot water flow rate and the actual temperature of the environment according to the set target temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of stable intelligent heating control, save energy, and reduce costs by 20% to 30%. PTV30 smart radiator valve is one of the best wireless radiator valves, which is worth for you to purchase!