Treatment Methods of Common Problems and Precautions for Wifi Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat

When installing electric underfloor heating thermostat, people should design the installation according to actual situation such as heat preservation and heat dissipation or function of the room. Besides, the placement of furniture is also our consideration within the design of electric underfloor heating thermostat. After installing electric underfloor heating thermostat, some aspects should be paid attention to when using it.

1. Precautions for installing electric floor heating under tile

(1) Before installing the electric underfloor heating thermostat under tiles, installation personnel should make sure the capacity of power supply line and electricity meter can support the power load of the system. For those with insufficient capacity, power capacity shall be increased first to meet the power demand of the system.

(2) Heating supply of those new or newly decorated houses shall be carried out after the ground is naturally dry (about 28 days) even if the installation of electric underfloor heating programmer system and floor decoration are finished. When decorating the ground, installation personnel have to pay attention to avoid the electric heating film to avoid damaging the system.

(3) In order to ensure that the heat is fully utilized, ideal floor decoration materials are stone, imitation stone or ceramic tile because their thermal conductivity is excellent. These materials not only allow people enjoy warmth fully in winter, but also can reduce the indoor temperature in summer. In addition to the above materials, waterproof and heat-resistant composite floor and bamboo floor are also suitable flooring materials for electric floor heating because their thermal conductivity is also good. If solid wood floor is used to pave the ground, the floor material must be carefully selected and the water content of the floor material should be less than 8%.

The surface of floor including the back and cross section should be waterproof treated, which makes it less susceptible to swell after damping or dry crack in case of heat. Besides, the surface temperature should not exceed 28 degrees (the surface temperature designed is generally 24 to 30 degrees), otherwise it will cause floor deformation.

(4) It is strictly prohibited to use keel as cushion for floor pavement, avoiding iron nails be nailed into the ground to damage the electric heating film and cause electric leakage.

(5) Furniture should be installed with the bottom at least 10 cm away from the ground to ensure that the heat can be released and avoid floor heating damaging furniture.

2. Precautions for using the WiFi electric underfloor heating thermostat

(1) When the WiFi electric floor heating system is started for the first time, the initial heating speed will be slow, which takes 3 hours and even 12 hours if the round heat storage protective layer is thick. In addition, a heat storage process of building structure whose heat storage period is generally about one week is necessary, and do not lower the heating temperature or turn off the system during this period. During the heat storage period, operation fee will be high especially in the first use. Due to the high water content in the building structure not yet dried, the power consumption of new buildings built and finished before the heating season is relatively high during the first fortnight of heating, which results in initial operating cost that can reach more than 5 times of the operating cost under normal conditions. Then after that, the operation cost will decrease day by day and tend to be back to normal after the building is dry. At this time, the temperature in rooms not used can be adjusted to 5 to 10 degrees.

(2) When using WiFi electric underfloor heating thermostat, the temperature should be set at a lower level first (3 degrees higher than the base temperature) and then at higher level slowly till you feel comfortable after the system runs for a period of time.

(3) When going out for a long time, remember not to turn off the system in rooms with water supply and drainage like bathroom, kitchen and others, in the meantime, room temperature should be set at about 5 degrees in case of frost crack of water pipe.