Three Misunderstandings of Electric Floor Heating Temperature Adjustment

Everyone is very concerned about the adjustment and use of electric floor heating thermostats. Many users who use electric floor heating are more entangled in the problem of temperature setting. Today, I will analyze the misunderstanding of electric floor heating temperature setting and help you avoid lightning. Electric floor heating is an independent home heating system, and the heating temperature in winter is not as high as possible, and the indoor temperature setting for heating in winter is particular.

1. Misunderstanding of temperature adjustment of electric floor heating: Electric floor heating will save energy when it is turned on and used

Some people think that the electric floor heating system is turned on when the room needs to be heated, and the heating system is turned off when going out, thinking that this will save electricity. In fact, doing so will not only save electricity, but will consume electricity.

Correct practice: You can lower the temperature by a few degrees for rooms that are not used frequently, and only need to lower the temperature when you are away for a long time. You can choose to turn off the system only when you are not staying or leaving for a long time.

The electric floor heating system is a low-temperature heating system, and the heating elements are buried in the cement layer and under the floor. Or hang it on the wall, so the ground, wall, and indoor dense objects are all heating systems with good heat storage performance. It takes a certain time for the room temperature to reach the set temperature, and the room temperature will not drop rapidly after the system is turned off. It will take a long time for the temperature to drop. Frequent switching will not only not have the effect of saving energy, but will increase the heating efficiency. Operating costs, while also reducing the service life of heating.

2. Misunderstanding of electric floor heating temperature adjustment 2: When the temperature rises rapidly, adjust the electric floor heating thermostat to the highest

Set the high temperature to heat up quickly. Some users feel that the room temperature is low. If they need to heat up quickly, they set the temperature of the thermostat to the highest temperature. This approach is also wrong.

Correct approach: The current thermostats are all smart WiFi thermostats. If the thermostat displays the room temperature, set the temperature as needed, as long as the opening time and temperature are set in advance. If the thermostat displays the surface temperature of the heating element, it can generally be set to about 50 degrees in this season.

The heating time of the room depends on the indoor and outdoor temperature difference and the unit area of the room, the installation power and the insulation of the house. In the case of a certain difference between the installed power and the outdoor temperature, no matter how many degrees you set the thermostat to, it will always take a certain time for the room to rise to the temperature you need. In this case, set the temperature of the thermostat to It takes the same time to heat up to 18 degrees and 25 degrees.

3. Misunderstanding 3 of electric floor heating temperature adjustment: do not use a suitable electric floor heating model

All smart WiFi thermostats are the same. Many users do not consider their own thermostat type when setting the temperature, and set the temperature according to their own needs, but after the temperature is set, the set heating has never been reached. As a result, the temperature does not rise.

Correct method: First, according to the model of the thermostat, determine whether the thermostat is a room temperature type, a heating element surface temperature type, or a dual temperature type, and set the required temperature. The correct use of the temperature control system is also an important factor for the energy saving of the heating system. In addition, the relevant specifications should be followed during the use process, and the instructions should be read carefully. Do not affect the use of electric floor heating due to incorrect use.