The Wireless Thermostat is Installed and Used in the Wall-hung Boiler

The current wall-hung boiler is a kind of equipment with a very high utilization rate, and it is also very common to install a thermostat in the wall-hung boiler. The wireless thermostat is one of the thermostats. Used in the wall-hung boiler, it can control the indoor temperature more accurately. On the basis of improving the comfort, it can also save power. Nowadays, many users who use wall-hung boilers at home and abroad have also installed wireless thermostats from China.

1. Where to install the wireless thermostat in the wall-hung boiler

The wireless thermostat is installed in the wall-hung boiler, away from the radiator, the doors and windows, otherwise the boiler will stop when the heating is hot, and the boiler will start as soon as the doors and windows are opened. The installation height of the thermostat is about 1.4 meters (at the same level as the light switch) and the distance between doors and windows is greater than 0.8 meters. In short, the location for installing the wireless thermostat needs to be in a place that is easy to operate. It needs to be in a place that can cover the average temperature with a lot of people's activities such as living room, bedroom, etc. According to the living habits of family members, it is more appropriate to avoid cold sources, heat sources, and air ducts.

2. Wiring position of the wireless thermostat in the wall-hung boiler

On the left and right sides of the bottom of the wall-hung boiler, choose the connection ports freely; the square wire box is embedded, and a box cover with a round hole in the middle is equipped. Use a multi-stranded twisted-pair cord with a diameter of 2×0.75 and above (telephone line and lamp cap line are acceptable, but the number should be two) for threading. Reserve 0.5 meters in the threading room and 1 meter in the wall-hung boiler. Wrap the reserved wire into a ball and put it in the box, and then seal the wire box with the same size of hard foam (to prevent anyone from pulling it).

3. Precautions for installing the wireless thermostat in the wall-hung boiler

The wireless thermostat is installed in the wall-hung boiler, and the voltage should be considered, and it should be below 6V. The advantage of buying a wall-hung boiler manufacturer's temperature controller is beneficial to the warranty. Otherwise, the temperature controller will cause the wall-hung boiler to malfunction. If you find the gas wall-hung boiler manufacturer or the temperature controller manufacturer, there may be no one to supervise it, which will cause trouble.