The Role of the Digital Thermostat

When it comes to the digital thermostat, it may be familiar to people, but perhaps people only know about it literally. So what kind of equipment the thermostat is? What is digital thermostat and what is its function? Do you want to know more about it? After reading this article you will learn about what on earth the digital thermostat is!

1. The definition of the digital thermostat

The thermostat is used to automatically turn on and off various heating equipment and set and adjust the indoor temperature. The room temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the preset procedure to reach a comfortable temperature when there is someone or no one. There are different types of thermostats, and 3 wire digital thermostat is one kind of the thermostat. Digital electronic thermostat is an accurate temperature detection controller that can digitally quantify and control the temperature. Normally, thermostat adopts NTC thermal sensor or thermocouple as temperature detection element. The theory of it is that NTC thermal sensors or thermocouples that changes with temperature variation are designed into corresponding circuits, with the changes of them, corresponding voltage and current changes will occur, and then the changed voltage and current will be detected, quantified and displayed by micro-controller, finally the corresponding control is done. Digital thermostat has characteristics such as high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitive, convenient operation and so on.

2. The role of the digital thermostat

Knowing the role of the digital thermostat, it will help you buy digital thermostat. In Europe, thermostat is mostly an essential part for wall mounted furnace, and the thermostat equipped is mainly intelligent one. While in China, 95% of wall mounted furnaces that are installed in operation or being installed and debugged to be ready for use are not equipped with any form of simple or intelligent thermostat. And equipping the room heating system with thermostat especially intelligent digital one plays the most important role in Energy saving heating comprehensive system prominently.

(1) Convenient: Automatic timing for turning on or off and adjusting wall mounted furnace in advance or later every day saves trouble of manual operation, which is extremely necessary for working families.

(2) Comfortable: Automatic adjustment of room temperature in the morning, afternoon and evening saves the trouble of getting cold while waiting for the room to warm up after getting up in the morning or getting home from work.

(3) Saving gas: Automatic adjustment of room temperature in different periods and on demand as well as changing the way from backward and extensive water temperature control to advanced and accurate room temperature control save the trouble of heating gas day and night.

(4) Reassuring: It needs only few gas to safely protect the room from freezing if the wall mounted furnace is started coercively when the room temperature is too low.

The 3 wire digital thermostat not only has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, good data acquisition sensitivity, intuitive data, easy setting operation and so on, but also has a long service life, for which it is a necessary choice for more and more consumers nowadays.

Furthermore, 3 wire digital thermostat is applied widely in temperature control of refrigerator, water heater and household air conditioner. Using digital thermostat is comfortable, convenient and reassuring.