The Role of Floor Heating Mesh in Thermo Floor Heating

I believe everyone is familiar with thermal floor heating mesh, because in winter, thermal floor heating can be said to be an indispensable heating tool. Generally, thermal floor heating mesh is used for large-scale floor heating installation projects, and small household thermal floor heating equipment will not use thermal floor heating mesh. The installation of thermal floor heating mesh is closely related to the installation of pipes, fittings, and insulation materials. The installation quality of thermal floor heating mesh will affect the use of thermal floor heating.

Ⅰ. What is a thermal floor heating mesh?

The thermal floor heating mesh is made of high-quality steel wire and galvanized steel wire, and is electromechanically welded by precision welding. It is used in the construction industry to strengthen layers and prevent cracking when installing thermal floor heating. Its advantages are firm solder joints, reasonable structure and uniform grid. Thermalloor heating mesh, also known as geothermal mesh, special floor heating nets, have the characteristics of flatness, firmness and uniformity. The use of thermal floor heating mesh can improve the overall strength of the insulation board, its structure is relatively simple, and it is convenient to install and fix.

Ⅱ. The role of thermal floor heating mesh:

1. It can have a fixed effect on the installed pipes for thermal floor heating

Laying a thermal floor heating mesh on the surface of the insulating layer and fixing the pipe with nylon cable ties can make the construction speed fast, the construction positioning accurate, and the overall effect of pipeline installation better.

2. It is beneficial to enhance local load-bearing capacity of thermal floor heating floor

In places with heavy ground loads such as processing workshops and garages, the thermal floor heating mesh used for thermal floor heating can increase the overall strength of the ground structure and avoid ground cracks and collapse.

3. Thermal floor heating mesh is also very effective for thermal floor heating dissipation

Due to the relatively strong thermal conductivity of the steel bars, the ground heat dissipation is very uniform and fast.

4. It can prevent floor with thermal floor heating from cracking

The thermal floor heating mesh must be laid between the pipe and the concrete. The reason for the cracking of the floor is that the thermal floor heating mesh is not used and the ground concrete is too thin.