The Necessity of Installing a Thermostat in the Smart Heating Control System

1. How does the gas wall-hung boiler heating system realize the temperature control in different rooms?

Install a temperature sensor indoors to sense the indoor temperature. Then it can send a signal to the controller installed next to the wall-hung boiler, which is connected to the corresponding temperature control signal part of the wall-hung boiler, so as to achieve the function of sensing the indoor temperature and controlling the switch of the wall-hung boiler. It also realizes the regulation and control of indoor temperature, namely the use of smart heating control system.

For heating, especially floor heating, the water separator should be familiar to everyone, the function of which is to adjust the temperature of each room. It can be adjusted to a balanced temperature by adjusting the amount of water in and out of each loop of the floor heating. The wall-hung boiler heating system is the same, except that the traditional water divider only has manual valves. Therefore, in order to realize automatic temperature control, the manual valve on the water divider must be replaced with an electric control valve and connected to the controller. Then install the above-mentioned temperature control system to achieve the purpose of temperature control in different rooms.

The Necessity of Installing a Thermostat in the Smart Heating Control System

2. The necessity of installing a thermostat in the smart heating control system

(1) Energy-saving and cost-effective

With precise room temperature control, it can set the room temperature in different time and can automatically control the operation of the heating stove. In this case, you don't need to burn gas for heating day and night, so you can obviously save natural gas, and one heating season is enough to recover the cost.

(2) Comfortable

Every morning and evening, day and night, it can automatically adjust the room temperature. After getting up in the morning or coming home from work, waiting for the room to heat up can make people feel cold, which is an embarrassing situation, but smart heating control system can help to avoid this situation, and show more quality of life, fashion and enjoyment.

(3) Convenient

With more simple and clear operation, it can directly adjust the room temperature. It can automatically control the operation of the wall-hung boiler every day, eliminating manual operation, which is most necessary for office workers and families. When the room temperature is too low, the wall-hung boiler will start automatically, so the room can be protected against freezing with very little gas.

(4) Realize the temperature control in different rooms

The temperature of each room can be precisely controlled. For the elderly and children, the temperature needs to be higher, so it can be adjusted to a higher level. In the living room, the temperature needs to be lower, so it can be adjusted lower. In the non-living room, it is suitable to keep it running at a low temperature.