The Installation and Use of the Wireless Thermostat in the Wall Hanging Furnace

The wireless thermostat is a kind of equipment with a high utilization rate in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and installing the thermostat in the wall hanging furnace is also very common. The wireless thermostat is one of the thermostats. It is used to control the wall hanging furnace. It can control the indoor temperature more accurately. On the basis of improving comfort, it can also save gas. Now in China, many users who use wall hanging furnaces have also installed wireless thermostats.

The location of the wireless thermostat china should be far away from the radiator, the doors and windows to achieve the best control effect. It is better to operate in an easy place, where the average temperature can be covered, and where people are more active (such as living room, and bedroom, according to the living habits of family members).

Under normal conditions, a thermostat interface will be reserved for wall hanging furnaces. The interface is connected by jumpers. When we connect the thermostat, we need to find this jumper first (to find some jumpers you need to open the outer cover of the wall hanging furnace, and some have the interface of the thermostat connected to the outside).

First of all, we need to power off the wall hanging furnace, and then find the jumper position of the wall hanging furnace. After finding it, remove the jumper, and then connect two wires to the execution unit, and then connect the wired digital thermostat to the corresponding position of the thermostat. Take Poer wireless thermostat package PTR10 / PTR10 as an example. Remove the jumper from the first group of actuators. Power on to test after installation. Press the corresponding button on the actuator PTR10 to see whether the wall hanging furnace can be ignited normally. If the ignition is normal, the installation is successful.

It should also be noted that the temperature control unit and the execution unit of the wireless thermostat communicate wirelessly. So put the thermostat in a place with a good signal. For example, Poer thermostat PTR10 has its own signal test function. The signal can be tested according to this function to ensure normal communication.

After these works are completed we can make corresponding use setting to the thermostat to normally control the wall hanging furnace in the home. Aren't you looking forward to it?