The Differences Between Electric Floor Heating and Other Heating Systems

The heating way of electric floor heating is to bury the heating cable whose surface can withstand the maximum working temperature of 60 degrees into the floor, with heating cable as heat source to heat floor or ceramic tile and temperature controller to control room temperature or ground temperature, to realize floor radiant heating, which has the advantages of comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, flexibility and no maintenance.

Electric floor heating takes the heating cable as the heating body and lays it into floor materials including various floors, ceramic tile, marble and others. Then the best electric floor heating equipped with intelligent floor heating controll system creates a concealed floor heating system that is comfortable and environment-friendly, efficient and energy-saving and maintenance free with independent use of each room and long service life.

1. Installing electric floor heating under tile is cleaner and more environment-friendly

Different from other heating ways, an exclusive advantage of electric floor heating is clean and environmentally friendly, which avoids the waste of non-renewable resources such as coal mine, oil and natural gas. As is known to all, electric energy is a clean and renewable energy that has various choices in terms of power generation mode including emerging environmental energy like nuclear energy, solar energy as well as hydroenergy and wind energy, which realized low-carbon heating truly.

2. Electric floor heating thermostat WiFi can realize intelligent temperature control and on-demand heating

The second exclusive advantage of electric floor heating different from other heating ways is that it can realize intelligent temperature control and on-demand heating, which can completely avoid the heating imbalance that often occurs in traditional heating mode. Normally, according to traditional heating mode, users are charged according to their building areas, which not only ignores users' subjective needs, but also is hard to ensure the efficiency and balance of heating. Sometimes, there is a situation that the temperature of one floor in the same building is too high and the temperature of the other is too low. While electric floor heating thermostat WiFi product can not only take care of the feelings of all users, but also allow users adjusting the heating temperature according to their own needs.

3. The heating rate of electric floor heating thermostat WiFi is controllable

The third unique advantage of electric floor heating that is different from other heating methods is that the heating rate is controllable, allowing users to experience a comfortable heating process, which not only reflects the humanized heating design concept, but also has a great effect on maintaining the health of users. Compared with the traditional heating method, the current cutting-edge electric floor heating method not only has good high pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, but also can withstand a wide temperature range in a humid environment. The best electric floor heating can effectively ensure the safety and stability of electric floor heating equipment. It is precisely because of such advantages that this electric floor heating technology has been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada.