The Benefits of Installing Electric Floor Heating for the Elderly

When the winter is cold, heating at home can reduce the probability of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, etc. in the elderly. The elderly are generally frail and afraid of the cold. Installing electric floor heating at home can make the elderly live more at ease in winter. Every year, the cold rainy season and winter, especially the humid cold in the south, make diseases such as arthritis more and more serious, making the old parents more and more miserable. A good electric floor heating can not only alleviate these problems, but also play a certain role in the health of the elderly. As the saying goes, "the feet are warm and the body is not cold." This bottom-up warmth is also in line with some principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

1. The installation of electric floor heating is beneficial to the health of the elderly

Health starts with the feet. Due to the accelerated blood flow, the energy is brought to various tissues and organs of the whole body, acting on the microcirculation system and regulating the contraction function of the microcirculation blood vessels. On the one hand, the slender tube diameter is thickened to enhance blood flow, and on the other hand, the stagnant and dilated blood vessels are changed from stagnation to linear flow. This is the bidirectional regulation of microcirculation blood vessels by far infrared. Electric floor heating can not only warm the body, but also improve human blood circulation. Electric floor heating is a windless heating method. The comfortable temperature can effectively cause the release of vasoactive substances, reduce the tension of blood vessels, dilate arterioles, capillaries and capillaries, and accelerate blood flow, thereby accelerating the circulation of the human body.

2. The installation of electric floor heating is conducive to improving air quality and improving the sleep quality of the elderly

There is no dust in the room when the floor heating is used, which is suitable for those with sensitive respiratory system and reduces the incidence of asthma. Improve sleep, electric floor heating improves sleep quality and ensures fast and deep sleep. It is conducive to maintaining a strong working ability. The elderly love cleanliness, and there is no sound when the floor heating is working, and it is easy for the elderly to meditate when they are resting. Therefore, floor heating can not only improve sleep, ensure sleep quality, but also relieve blood pressure.

3. The installation of electric floor heating is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly

Health promotion, scientific statistics show that the best electric floor heating system can increase people's physical activity. It is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly. From foot warmth to whole body warmth, it reflects the concepts of warm feet and top cold advocated by traditional Chinese medicine. Clinical trials have proved that it has a significant effect on eliminating or relieving low back pain, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, and gastrointestinal diseases.