Technical Characteristics of Wireless Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Now when installing floor heating, a thermostat is always installed. The emergence of thermostats is undoubtedly convenient for people's lives. The thermostat has a friendly user interface, and the relevant information of the indoor heating system can be presented on the interface of the thermostat, which is very convenient. The wireless floor heating thermostat mentioned here is an upgraded product with a higher technical content. With the further popularization of floor heating, the market for smart underfloor heating is also broader.

1. Radio frequency wireless transmission of wireless floor heating thermostat

Wireless floor heating thermostat is a kind of thermostat, a device used to control indoor temperature. Compared with traditional thermostats, wireless floor heating thermostats are especially wireless. It does not need wiring, uses radio frequency wireless transmission, and is used to control the on and off of cold water, hot water, steam and other fluids. The wireless receiving thermostat senses the difference between the temperature in the room and the temperature set by the user to calculate the signal for opening or closing the valve. By transmitting this signal to control the opening and closing of the valve, the temperature of the room can be maintained at a constant level, which makes it more convenient for users to use.

2. Radio frequency technology of wireless floor heating thermostat

The wireless underfloor heating thermostat uses radio frequency technology, so you can know the heating situation without wires. The switching state of the actuator valve is controlled by the thermostat, and the indoor temperature is obtained through induction. If the set temperature of the wireless underfloor heating thermostat is greater than the room temperature, the control will be executed to open the valve; if the set temperature is less than the room temperature, the control will be executed to close the valve.

If the user wants to know the switch status of the actuator, he can distinguish it by the indicator light. After the power is turned on, the valve is automatically opened. In the state of valve opening, you can see that the indicator light is on. If the actuator receives a command to close the valve, the indicator light will always be off after the valve is closed. It should also be noted that when the actuator is powered off, the valve is automatically opened to ensure normal heating.

3. The wireless floor heating thermostat is convenient

Smart underfloor heating is more convenient, and it is more convenient and faster to install. Users can choose to install a wireless underfloor heating thermostat, which can be controlled at will. Nowadays, many home appliances are wireless, and many remote controls use radio frequency technology. Choosing a wireless underfloor heating thermostat also conforms to the development trend of the times, and there will be more applications.