Some Common Problems of Floor Heating System

1. How long is the service life of floor heating system?

The service life of the floor heating system is mainly the service life of the buried pipe, because the above-ground part can be replaced, therefore, the floor heating pipe selection is the key to the service life of the floor heating system.

The pipes made of materials approved by international authoritative testing institutions can have a design life of 70 years (the design life of pipes with oxygen barrier has reached 100-150 years), and the actual life span is more than 50 years. It can be considered: best underfloor heating system is basically equivalent to the building life.

Some Common Problems of Floor Heating System

2. The residential area is centrally heated, can an underfloor heating system be installed?

Of course. For districts with central heating or central air-conditioning, the hot water supply temperature is 60-90℃. If the underfloor heating system is directly connected to the heating system, the temperature is obviously too high, which will not only cause human discomfort due to the high surface temperature, but also reduce the life of the underfloor heating system.

3. If I want to use floor heating system, do I need to buy a boiler for floor heating system?

Different real estates generally have heat sources for heating when they are handed over. Of course, some of the existing heat sources need to be modified. For example, now developers choose boiler models according to the heat load required by the heating area of the community. For larger units, the hot water circulation pipeline is lengthened after the floor heating is used. The boiler's built-in pipeline circulation pump may not have enough lift, causing the temperature of the floor heating system not to rise. At this time, it may be necessary to add a pipeline circulation pump. After we see your boiler manual, we will make a judgment after calculation.