Smart Electric Underfloor Heating, Your New Better Choice

Smart electric underfloor heating is also called heating cable intelligent heating system.

1. Working Principle of Smart Electric Underfloor Heating

The smart electric underfloor heating system uses a flexible heating wire buried in the floor and is controlled by a precise electronic constant temperature controller to heat the ground surface, emitting 8~13 um far infrared rays. It, as a way of heating, stimulates the "hot spot" which is 2mm deep to the human skin and makes people feel warm. It uses electricity as the energy source, the heating cable as the heating element, converts 100% of the electric energy into heat, and uses the ground inside the building as the heat delivery surface to warm the surrounding air through convection heat exchange.

2. Features of Smart Electric Underfloor Heating

(1) It saves water. Today water resource is increasingly scarce. Thus, all from the government to every consumer have realized the importance of saving water.

(2) The system of smart electric underfloor heating does not use non-renewable resources, such as oil, natural gas, and coal. There is no consumption of non-renewable energy in the client end. Although a considerable part of the current electricity is generated by coal-fired thermal power generation, with the construction of hydropower projects and the increasing ratio of wind and tidal power generation, electricity can be regarded as a part of renewable energy.

(3) No pollution to the environment. Because there is no burning, exhaust gas emissions, etc. in the client, there are no pollution gas and greenhouse gas emissions, which will not pollute the environment.

(4) The quality of urban green ecological environment will be improved. Because of no pollution gas emissions to the environment, replacing traditional radiator heating with geothermal and electric heating can improve the quality of the green ecological environment of the cities.

(5) Many shortcomings of traditional heating can be overcome to improve the comfort of residents.