Smart Central Heating System for Your Cold Winter

Heating can also be smart with many advantages, such as power saving, energy saving and low operating cost. The smart central heating system is composed of an energy-saving thermostat and a high-tech heating product with a thermal efficiency of nearly 99.3%, almost no loss, temperature standards and heating time of which can be automatedly controlled. Thus, the energy can be used reasonably and efficiently.

1. Introduction of the smart central heating system

The house smart central heating systems include five modes of household central air-conditioner, floor heating, central heating, household electric boilers and household wall-mounted gas heating according to different demands, utilization rates, and project costs. Among them, central heating is generally used in northern areas or some large-scale residential areas, while the way of heating in southern areas are generally three forms of user-type central air conditioner, floor heating and wall-mounted boilers with radiators.

2. Characteristics of smart central heating system

There are five modes of the smart boiler control system, including household central air conditioner, floor heating, central heating, household electric boilers, and household wall-mounted gas heating.

(1) Features of household central air conditioner:

Advantages: high-grade, good-shaped and quite comfortable.

Disadvantages: high cost and high electricity bill.

(2) Features of floor heating:

Advantages: with the principle of thermodynamics, the heat is from bottom to top, which is suitable for the needs of the human body. The heating pipes are buried under the floor to facilitate household temperature control and measurement. The design does not occupy indoor use area and is convenient for placing furniture. In addition, the air is clean during use to avoid secondary pollution caused by air conditioning. The underfloor heating control system is also not affected by the outdoor temperature.

(3) Features of wall-mounted boiler with radiator:

Advantages: this method is usually to install a wall-mounted boiler on the kitchen or balcony. The boiler burns natural gas or other kinds of gas. The indoor pipelines and radiating fins connect to the boiler, which can generally realize the two-way supply of heating and hot water at the same time. What's more, the time and temperature can be set and adjusted freely during use.