People Who Are Suitable to Use Electric Floor Heating

As far as the current industry development trend is concerned, as the floor heating industry has entered a mature stage of development, it has gradually formed a pattern of specialization, scale and controllability. Among them, electric floor heating is used as a heating method in which heating cables are used as heat sources to heat the floor, and the floor is heated indoors. In recent years, it has gradually been sought after by the public, and has brought warmth to residents and users with the core concept of "health and environmental protection".

The best electric floor heating system has the function of health preservation and disease prevention. In view of the quality and functional characteristics of electric floor heating, three groups of people, the elderly, infants, and office workers, are suitable for electric floor heating.

Electric Floor Heating

1. The heat conduction principle of electric floor heating can promote human blood circulation

The elderly generally suffer from diseases such as cold legs and rheumatism, and have poor resistance ability. The hot and cold phases are more likely to breed germs and bury hidden dangers. Infants and young children belong to the frail people as well as the elderly. In the absence of constant environmental temperature control and comfortable space, it is easy to induce diseases in infants and young children in the cold season. As a sub-healthy group, white-collar workers generally suffer from leg stiffness and impaired blood circulation due to sedentary sitting. The electric floor heating conducts heat through the floor, which can vigorously promote blood circulation from the feet, and has a considerable health care effect on the residents with joint diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It conforms to the traditional Chinese medicine theory and help health.

2. Electric floor heating can kill viruses at high temperature

The best electric underfloor heating system not only has the function of daily health care, but also the electric underfloor heating is very different from the common heating methods, air conditioners and electric heaters. Electric floor heating mainly radiates heat to the ground through underground heating cables, and the radiation on the floor surface is relatively uniform, and there is no heating dead corner in the room. There is no strong wind convection, no dust, high ground temperature can kill attached mites and other bacteria, clean and healthy, and promote the healthy development of residents.