New Technology for Solving Common Problems of Electric Floor Heating Thermostat

The electric floor heating heating system adjusts the indoor heating temperature through the temperature regulator. It can be said that the thermostat is an indispensable part of the heating system. Electric floor heating WIFI thermostat mainly ensures the accuracy of temperature adjustment through probes. There are various types of thermostats, and different types of electric floor heating thermostats have different effects. You need to choose the appropriate heating thermostat according to your situation. When the actual electric floor heating works, there are often some problems with the heating thermostat.

1. What should I do if the power indicator of the electric floor heating WIFI thermostat does not light up?

First, check whether the main gate of the heating has been turned on, and then check whether the switch of the floor heating thermostat is turned on. If there is no problem with these, you need to check whether there is electricity in the neutral wire of the circuit, etc. If the above conditions are eliminated, it means that the thermostat is faulty or has poor contact.

2. The heating light of the electric floor heating WIFI thermostat is always on, is it normal?

In this case, you can adjust the temperature control knob of the smart WiFi thermostat to the lowest level, and wait for a while to see if the heating indicator light goes out.

3. How to judge whether the electric floor heating WIFI thermostat control is accurate?

You can prepare a temperature measuring device, adjust the set temperature according to your thermostat, and compare with the floor temperature you tested at time, this has a certain temperature deviation, but the general deviation will not exceed 3 ℃, and it will not affect the normal use.

4. What happens when the electric floor heating WIFI thermostat is turned on and trips?

This situation may be related to the electric floor heating itself, such as overloading of the electric floor heating heating system, system leakage, and excessive leakage current. When this happens, you should check the power supply in time or contact the after-sales service personnel to find out the cause.

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