New Intelligent Electric Floor Heating, Open a New Heating Mode

The development of winter heating products has always been entangled with environmental protection and energy conservation. High energy consumption and poor comfort are contrary to the national environmental protection strategy. The advantages of its products have become a new force in heating reform, especially electric floor heating products, which are leading the development trend from low carbon to "zero" carbon with their characteristics of energy saving, health care, no emission, and remote control.

1. The new intelligent electric floor heating is safe and energy-saving

Compared with coal-fired gas and other traditional heating methods, the new smart electric floor heating such as the best electric floor heating does not require coal-fired gas. The maintenance is cumbersome, and there are no hidden dangers of environmental pollution such as dust, exhaust gas and noise, so that pollution emissions such as exhaust gas are directly reduced to zero.

Electric floor heating also has significant advantages in terms of heat transfer rate, saving energy and money. The intelligent electric floor heating adopts a far-infrared heating system, and the electric-heat conversion rate is as high as 98%. At the same time, the built-in intelligent temperature control system can realize the remote control of the mobile phone APP, and can monitor the indoor temperature, maintain the balance of temperature and humidity, and enjoy a comfortable experience. Moreover, it can also emit far-infrared rays commonly known as "life light waves", which have a good physical therapy and health care effect, and achieve healthy heating.

2. The new intelligent electric floor heating opens a new mode of "zero" carbon heating

It is foreseeable that with the deepening implementation of the national energy policy and the increasingly clean power generation industry, the new smart electric floor heating will definitely become the first choice of consumers, and will quickly replace the traditional central heating and open a new model of "zero" carbon heating, especially with the combination of Internet +, intelligent electric floor heating will always stand above the industry's tuyere.

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