Multi Zone Heating Control Systems

The multi-zone heating system uses a temperature control system for temperature adjustment.The temperature control devices are respectively connected to the multi-zone boiler and the multi-zone floor heating. The thermostat directly adjusts the on-off of the hot water in each room according to the room temperature and temperature settings, and at the same time adjusts the ignition and shutdown of the boiler. The temperature of each room can be set according to different needs to achieve the effect of multi zone radiant floor heating.

How does multi-zone heating work?

The multi-zone heating control systems allow you to separately control multiple areas in your house. It divides your home into different areas, and each controlled separately by a thermostat. Zoning your home allows for several benefits including elimination of hot and cold spots and individual control of different rooms' temperatures.

When multiple thermostats control one system, the house is divided into zones using dampers in the ductwork throughout the house. When one zone needs heating or cooling, the damper for the ductwork in that zone opens, guiding the warm or cool air to that zone.

How to wire a multi-zone heating system?

In the 2-story house application scenarios, the heating zone control system of Wifi radiator thermostat in the first floor and second floor can be connected by an actuator. Each radiator is able to control the temperature separately. The wall-hung boiler will turn off when there is no need for heating, and will turn on when any radiator needs to be heated.

How to wire a multi zone heating system

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