Market Value of Smart Boiler Control System

Ⅰ. The market value to manufacturers of smart boiler control system

1. Monitor in real time to reduce the average after-sales service solution time;

2. Turn passive after-sales service into active service to improve the maintenance rate of the original factory's smart boiler control system;

3. Register after-sales service and maintenance records of the smart boiler control system in detail for retrospective review;

Ⅱ. The market value of smart boiler control systems to contract energy management companies

1. Digitalize work flow and report to improve business efficiency;

2. Early inspection of safety production accidents of smart boiler control system to reduce boiler failure rate;

3. Improve the use strategy to increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler;

4. Create a data statistical analysis model to reduce the risk of downtime caused by accidents.

Ⅲ.The market value of smart boiler control system to the end product

1. Multi-terminal real-time monitoring to improve work efficiency;

2. Monitor the operation of the system, and flexibly allocate maintenance according to the trend;

3. Prediction of the development trend of smart boiler control system, and intelligent early warning avoid sudden common failures of mechanical equipment.

Ⅳ. The market value of smart boiler control system to the heating industry

1. Use new projects to manage the company and improve overall operational efficiency;

2. The application is diversified, and the lines of each business field are centralized and unified to manage;

3. The smart boiler control system adopts data analysis to provide specific guidance to improve the operation of project equipment;

4. Deep dig big data, and control closed-loop of "person-thing-object" information.