Main Technical Features of Intelligent Boiler Control System

1. The smart boiler control system is safe and reliable

All-round arrangement of boiler measuring points and safety interlocking control function enhance the self-protection ability of the system, greatly improve the safety of boiler operation, the standardization of operation management and the reliability of the automation system. Powerful information processing capabilities, intelligent and safe operation and alarm functions.

2. The smart boiler control system is easy to operate

The smart boiler control system has one-key start, stop, simulation flow chart, multi-window screen graphic display, and standard program control effectively avoids the possibility of wrong operation. The operator can easily cope with various complex working conditions, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

3. Multiple safety protection of smart boiler control system

Important parameters such as the liquid level of the boiler drum, medium temperature and pressure are first interlocked with "hard" components such as reliable electrodes and electrical connection meters, and an audible and visual alarm occurs when a fault occurs; to further ensure safety, these important parameters are transmitted to the transmitter through the transmitter. The CPU system performs static and dynamic intelligent analysis and judgment on the boiler system. When it is confirmed to be a fault, it will issue an audible and visual alarm, and at the same time, it will take corresponding safety measures according to the safety level. The smart boiler control system ensures the automatic, safe and reliable operation of the boiler through the above various technical means.

4. Flexible configuration of smart boiler control system

According to different electrical requirements, it can be divided into conventional instrument control system, text + PLC control system, touch screen + PLC control system, DCS control system, embedded control system, host computer + PLC control system; users can choose monochrome text display screen , touch screen, computer-controlled LCD screen and other display interfaces, choose various domestic and foreign models of systems as the control core, and choose wall-mounted, lectern cabinets, piano desktops, GGD, MNS and other cabinets. Among them, the display interface and control core can be combined in different configurations according to user requirements, and different grade configurations can be combined to meet the personalized needs of different users.

5. Economical operation of smart boiler control system

The advanced automatic combustion control system automatically controls the ratio of coal supply and air volume according to different loads, ensuring that the furnace is in a state of micro-negative pressure combustion, stabilizing the load flow and pressure, which can greatly improve boiler efficiency, achieve efficient and economic operation, and boiler energy efficiency. It can be higher than the national standard limit value. All kinds of auxiliary machines are controlled by frequency conversion technology, which reduces the overall energy consumption of boiler operation, and comprehensively saves more than 30% of energy.

6. Friendly operation interface of smart boiler control system

Use advanced configuration software to concentrate all boiler information on the configuration screen, record calculation, set parameters, realize operation, alarm and other display functions.

(1) On-site control level: face the site directly, connect with the on-site process, complete data acquisition, perform data acquisition and preprocessing on process non-controlled variables, and further process real-time data. It consists of electrical appliances, frequency converters, sensors, transmitters, actuators, etc.

(2) Process control level: The boiler controller system accepts the signal from the on-site control level, carries out the control law calculation, and then transmits the result as a control signal to the equipment of the on-site control level. It is mainly composed of CPU, arithmetic unit, input and output interface, etc.

(3) Process management level: It is the platform for the operator to exchange information with the control system. Realize the core display, operation and management of the control system. It consists of high-resolution, large-screen color LCD, keyboard, printer, mass storage, etc.