How to Use Electric Floor Heating Correctly?

Too many people choose electric floor heating for heating at home. Electric floor heating brings us indoor warmth, which is very environmentally friendly and healthy. It is a high-quality choice for many people. However, do you know that when you use electric floor heating, it is likely to fall into a wrong trap, which will lead to a waste of our resources and even affect the location of the electric floor heating. What are the misunderstandings of using electric floor heating? How to use electric floor heating correctly, so that it brings us warmth, as well as long-term use?

1. Use high temperature to raise indoor temperature

We usually want to raise the temperature quickly when we feel that the indoor temperature is low, so we set the temperature of the electric floor heating to the highest, which is actually very wrong. The room temperature of the floor heating system for heating in winter cannot reach 35 degrees, and setting 35 degrees and setting the heating rate of 20 degrees is irrelevant. The heating time of the room temperature depends on the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and the installed power per unit area of the room.

2. Ready to use

Many people think that it is ready to use, so it will save us a lot of expenses when not in use. In fact, this is not the case. Not only will this not save us money, it will consume more energy. The underfloor heating system is a low-temperature operating system. Usually, electric underfloor heating is laid in concrete, so the ground radiant heating system has good heat storage. In this case, the use effect of the underfloor heating system has a lag. Frequent opening or closing of the heating system will also reduce the service life of the floor heating system.