How to Properly Use and Maintain Electric Floor Heating?

Electric floor heating has now conquered more and more home and business users with its comfortable body feeling of "heating from the soles of the feet to the head". Even in southern cities, electric floor heating is no longer a new "noun". However, using electric floor heating The overall proportion of users is still not high enough, that is to say, not many people know about electric floor heating. Even if the best electric floor heating system is installed, they often do not know how to use it and how to make electric floor heating play a better efficiency.

1. About electric floor heating temperature and energy saving

Some friends have heard that electric floor heating consumes more electricity and the electricity bill is high, but this is not the case. If the electricity bill is high, it is likely to be related to your usage habits. There is a winter heating period, and everyone should set the temperature of each room according to different needs. For example, before leaving the room for a long time, you can set a lower temperature to reduce the energy consumption of the system operation. In addition, the temperature can be lowered by a few degrees in less frequently used rooms, and a closed system can be selected in the case of long-term no-occupancy or long-term separation. In particular, during the non-heating period, the power supply of the electric floor heating system should be cut off and the temperature should be set to the lowest temperature on the thermostat.

The specific setting of the temperature, follow the principles mentioned above, and then set it according to your own needs. Of course, you can also choose an intelligent thermostat. It must be mentioned that electric floor heating should abide by relevant standards when using it, and do not affect the heating effect of the floor heating system due to faulty use.

2. Check the electric floor heating system

Before use in the second year, it must be carefully checked. Because after a year, the four seasons have changed, so. The electric floor heating system should conduct necessary inspections before restarting, for example, check whether the heating area is damaged externally, whether it is broken, whether the heating area is covered by objects; whether the thermostat and the connection system are connected normally, and whether the sealing performance of doors and windows is not. good etc.

3. Avoid the impact of subsequent decoration on the electric floor heating system

After the electric floor heating is installed, you may renovate the house again in a few years. At this time, you should pay special attention not to damage the floor heating system. During home renovation, care should be taken not to damage the heating cable. It is strictly forbidden to drill, nail, chisel, etc. in the laying area of the electric floor heating system, or engage in other operations that may damage the electric floor heating system. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to re-divide the room or move the thermostat position in the area where the electric floor heating system is laid; it is forbidden to cover the floor heating area with walls or other permanent devices, which will block the heat dissipation and cause potential overheating danger.

In general, the use and maintenance of electric floor heating is relatively simple. As long as no man-made damage is carried out, its lifespan is usually about 50 years, and compared with the usual heating methods, the heating effect of electric floor heating is also very good. And the temperature is kept for a long time, so it is very practical whether it is for home heating or office environment heating.