How to Lay Electric Floor Heating at Home?

Among the many heating equipment in winter, floor heating is undoubtedly one of the most popular heating modes, especially in northern areas. In many homes, a layer of floor heating will be laid during decoration to bring us indoor heat preservation. Nowadays, floor heating is not limited to water floor heating. The emergence of electric floor heating has brought a comfortable and convenient choice. So when we decorate the electric floor heating in our home, what methods do we have? What are the steps to install electric floor heating?

1. Insulation layer

When we install the electric floor heating systems at home, we first lay the insulation board. The insulation board should be laid on a flat and clean ground. The insulation board should be cut neatly and seamlessly when laying. The insulation board should be glued smoothly with adhesive tape. When the area is greater than 30 square meters, or the side length exceeds 6 meters, expansion joints should be installed in principle, and corners should be installed along the periphery of the outer wall for insulation.

2. Steel wire mesh cable

First of all, we need to lay the steel mesh on the polyester vacuum aluminized film, and the joints should be bound firmly with a lashing tape. The steel mesh should be overlapped and bound and fixed. The heating cables must be laid on the steel wire net with the spacing required by the design drawings, with an error of ≤±10mm, and a minimum bending radius of 5 times the cable diameter. The heating cables are not allowed to be beaten, and the heating cables are fixed with plastic clips.

3. Filling layer

When pouring the filling layer, we need pebble concrete. The strength grade of pebble concrete is ≥C15, the diameter of pebble particles is 5 to 12mm, and the thickness of the filling layer should be ≥35mm and uniform. When there are special requirements for thickness <35mm, a layer of steel wire mesh should be added to the concrete filling layer or an anti-cracking agent should be added to the concrete to increase the strength of the filling layer.

4. Decoration attention

When the pebble concrete enters the paving area, it must be transported by a backing board. Tools such as carts cannot directly press the heating cable; after the concrete is poured, it should be lightly tamped with wooden tools and no heavy tamping is allowed; no one can step on it within 48 hours after the filling layer is completed. After the filling layer is constructed, the ground is strictly prohibited from picking and heavy loading.

The above is related to the installation of electric floor heating at home, we do hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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