How to Control the Temperature of the Floor Heating System?

The underfloor heating system uses a temperature control system for temperature adjustment. 

Ⅰ. How do different floors control the temperature of the underfloor heating system?

1. The underfloor heating system of the flat-floor apartment is generally equipped with a temperature control device in a typical location (living room, master bedroom). The temperature control device is connected to the wall-hung boiler. The temperature controller directly adjusts the boiler feed water temperature according to the room temperature and temperature setting. The temperature of each room rises and falls at the same time.

2. The floor heating system of the transfloor apartment mostly adopts zone control. Generally, a separate water separator is set on each floor, and a remote control room thermostat is set to feed back the temperature in the area to the inlet valve of the water separator to adjust the inlet water flow, and then adjust the floor temperature, so that the temperature of each room on the same floor rises and falls at the same time.

3. Single-family villa owners have higher requirements for the comfort of the floor heating system, and at the same time the room use functions are quite different (master bedroom, children's room, bathroom, garage, guest room, gym, function hall, etc.), which often requires separate room control, that is, temperature control and adjustment are respectively adopted for different circuits on the same water separator.

Ⅱ. Types of thermostats for floor heating systems

There are many types of thermostats for floor heating systems, including mechanical ones and programmable digital LCD ones. But the mechanical thermostat can only be adjusted manually.