How to Choose the Home Heating System?

In different home environments, people choose different heating methods. How to choose a safe and best home heating control system or install a home heating system? This is a problem that many consumers care about. Let's talk about some skills when choosing a home heating method.

1. Skills for choosing home heating methods

(1) Heating in the living room

As a public area, the living room space needs to be heated for a long time, because of the large area (including aisles, entrances, etc.), and it has high-level requirements for product safety, because there are many people in contact here(such as the elderly and children). Therefore, it is key to choose the living room to be beautiful, and safe, with low energy consumption, low maintenance and long life, and with 20-40 square meters of the heating area.

(2) Heating in the bedroom

As a place to rest at night, the bedroom has high-level requirements for low noise, so the product needs to be turned all night without danger and not drying. The key point of the selection is that it has low decibels, low energy consumption, no pollution, and a heating area of 10-20 square meters.

2. Judgment criteria for the comfort of the best home heating control system

(1) Whether the indoor temperature is distributed reasonably.

The indoor temperature should be evenly distributed without the condition that some places are hot while some are cold. At the same time, in the indoor vertical section, it should meet the human body's demand for heat, and the temperature should be increased from top to bottom.

(2) Whether indoor heating is environmentally friendly and healthy

Heating accompanies people almost the entire winter. Take air conditioning heating as an example, its hot air is prone to blow up dust on the ground, which is harmful to human health, especially when there are children or the elderly at home who are easy to get sick because of their weak resistance.

(3) Can the indoor temperature be adjusted freely?

The controllability of indoor temperature is also the performance of heating comfort. Although the traditional central heating can achieve the purpose of heating in winter, the indoor temperature cannot be adjusted, and as the heat gradually dissipates, the temperature rises slowly in places far away from the heat source.

(4) What are the differences in indoor rooms with different temperatures?

Different heating temperatures are required in different households. Besides, different rooms in the same household may have different temperature requirements. A room with frequent movement of people may need a relatively comfortable temperature, while a room with less movement of people needs a relatively low temperature. In addition, the same room may require different temperatures in different time periods. In order to save energy consumption, the temperature may be lowered when it is midnight or when people go out.

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