How About the Cost and Material Selection of the Floor Heating System?

1. How to determine the price of underfloor heating system?

The underfloor heating system cost is determined by the selection of underground concealed structure, the configuration of the control system, the selection of the main line system and the configuration of system accessories.

The price of the pipes, insulation materials, isolation layer materials, expansion joints and expansion joint materials, protective sleeve materials and other auxiliary materials in the underground concealed structure of the best underfloor heating system varies greatly according to different material selection. Too low prices can only mean that fake and inferior materials that cannot even meet the basic performance requirements are selected.

The equipment of the floor heating control system depends on the comfort and cost-effectiveness that the user wants to achieve. In order to achieve different control performances, the selected system price may vary by dozens of times. Nowadays, many floor heating teams have no design ability, either without a control system, or blindly selecting a single top product, making the system mismatch and failing to achieve the desired control effect.

Floor Heating System

2. Pay attention to the material selection of floor heating system

Many users have not paid enough attention to the material selection of the main line system and the configuration of the accessories of the floor heating system. Take the material selection of the main line system as an example.

The quality and price of the materials, pipe fittings and pipe joints of different manufacturers vary greatly. Nowadays, many floor heating teams use inferior pipes or brand pipes with inferior pipe fittings and pipe joints, which are hidden dangers for the long-term use of underfloor heating systems.

In addition, the lack of design capability is unable to calculate the flow rate and water resistance, resulting in the inability to correctly select the products that meet the requirements, and the floor heating system cannot operate normally.

Imagine that if the main pipe diameter is too small, the flow rate will not meet the normal operation requirements of the floor heating system. Does the system run hot? It definitely won't work.