Factors to Consider When Buying a House Thermostat

1. Programmable thermostat without APP control function or smart thermostat?

It is not difficult to adjust the programmable thermostat without APP control function while its price is more affordable, but all settings need to be manually operated, and the appropriate room temperature needs to be reset according to the seasonal changes each year. If user-friendliness is the most important for you, or if some of your families have trouble understanding the operation of the thermostat, the programmable thermostat will be better. If you are a user who likes new technology, want to quickly and remotely control the room temperature through voice or app or to enjoy more sophisticated automated services, and can afford the slightly higher price of the equipment, then a smart thermostat is more suitable for you.

2. The wiring of your house thermostat

Turn on the existing house thermostat at home and see what kind of wiring is behind it. Most households use at least two low-voltage wires (24V), which are connected by a red or black U-shaped short wire, and are usually marked with (RT +24v) at the terminal. Once the short wire is found, it can be removed. Then, connect the control line that comes with our smart thermostat to these 2 terminals and the other end to the actuator of the smart thermostat. Thus, the smart home radiator thermostat and the heating boiler are linked. The actuator to which the smart thermostat is paired needs 220V power supply. If you see the mark of N and L in the actuator, it means that it is connected to our 220V high-voltage system while heating systems that use gas are usually of millivolt. There are few smart thermostats suitable for high-voltage systems and millivolt-voltage systems on the market.

3. Other additional functions of house thermostat

1) How to viewing the historical heating situation: the house thermostat can record the heating curve diagram for 24 hours a day in the software, which allows users to view the heating situation of the day more intuitively. The historical curve is for up to 7 days, which is very convenient.

2) Thermostat precision adjustment: the thermostat system can adjust the temperature according to the users. The adjustable range is from 0.1-degree Celsius temperature to 1-degree, which can control the temperature very accurately.

3) The clear screen display and intuitive control of the house thermostat: the large backlit display makes it easier to read and program in dark corridors and at night.

4) App and voice control: some of our thermostats provide matching apps in smartphones, which can remotely control them and enable automation functions.