Factors Related to Energy Consumption when Using Electric Floor Heating

With the development of society and the improvement of science and technology, people's pursuit of quality of life is also constantly improving, so the requirements for the comfort of winter heating residences are also getting higher and higher. Electric floor heating, which was rarely involved in the past, also has more strong flexibility, adaptability and advancement, quietly and rapidly occupies more and more market share, electric floor heating has also appeared in the scene of a hundred flowers blooming.

There are many types of electric floor heating, and carbon fiber electric floor heating is currently the best. The effect is very different from the power consumption of electric floor heating. What is the reason? Let me tell you the factors of the energy consumption problem: In fact, the energy consumption problem is mainly related to the following factors. After a simple analysis, everyone will suddenly realize.

1. The direction of the electric floor heating house

The house faces south, which can effectively use the solar energy. Of course, the temperature in the house is easy to rise, the heating effect is good, and the power consumption is low.

2. Electric floor heating house insulation

Whether the house is insulated or not is directly related to the effect of floor heating and power consumption. Whether the heat of the best electric floor heating system is effectively conserved is very critical. If the heat preservation is not good, the heat generated by the floor heating system cannot be stored, and the heating system must work all the time to maintain the heating temperature, and the power consumption will be high.

3. Electric floor heating underground materials

In the process of floor heating construction, the material and thickness of moisture-proof materials and insulation layers are related to the heating effect and power consumption of electric floor heating. The thermal insulation layer under the ground is high, and the heat loss is small. The heat is effectively used for indoor heating, and the effect is definitely better.

4. Electric floor heating floor material

The thermal conductivity and thickness of the ground material on the best electric floor heating system also have a great impact on energy consumption, which is generally related to the ground material selected by the customer such as floor or floor tiles, so please choose good thermal conductivity, and the thickness should not be too high. This heats up quickly, has a good effect, and saves electricity. Solved the problem that the heating temperature does not match the user's work and rest time.

5. The new and old of the house when using electric floor heating

Newly built houses generally have high water content, and the cost of using floor heating for the first time is not as energy-saving as it is said. This is very normal, because the house absorbs a lot of heat to dry the house, but the cost of floor heating will decrease after the following year.