Energy-saving Electric Floor Heating Heating System: Warm Heating Worth Having

1. Electric floor heating gives you the healthiest way of heating

Electric floor heating is to bury heating cables in the floor, convert electric energy into heat energy, and realize ground radiant heating. In addition to the energy transferred by thermal radiation, electric floor heating also has energy generated by electric and magnetic fields, but the impact of this energy on the human body is equivalent to that of pickles and coffee. Because the electric heating used by electric floor heating is a low-frequency current, it will not cause harm to the human body. So don't worry that electric floor heating will affect your health.

Electric floor heating control responds quickly, occupies less floor height, and is relatively clean and pollution-free; wifi electric floor heating consumes less power, and the energy saving of electricity is first related to thermal insulation; electric heating is controlled separately, and the control by time is to save energy. Turn up the temperature when there are people at home. The temperature of different activity rooms is different. When you go out, turn down the temperature to keep warm. According to this mode, it is very energy-saving and comfortable.

2. Energy-saving electric floor heating, you deserve it

In foreign countries, international and government departments have stipulated that new buildings must be energy-saving buildings, the purpose is to improve the utilization rate of energy. For energy-saving buildings, heating costs are more economical than ordinary buildings with poor thermal insulation performance. The use of electric floor heating is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating method. The overall goal is to save energy for the country and reduce environmental pollution. For users, it can make users comfortable, healthy, free control and low operating costs.

With the gradual aggravation of smog and environmental problems, energy-saving heating is widely advocated. Relevant departments and local governments have also advocated and stipulated new buildings, that is, new buildings should be energy-efficient buildings. In order to save energy and reduce heating costs for users, the wifi electric floor heating heating system will become a representative product of energy-saving buildings, which can achieve good operating results and be more energy-efficient.

When using electric floor heating, the thermostat adjustment can also reflect the effect of energy saving. For office workers, lower the temperature to about 5 degrees before leaving, set the current temperature, and then, before leaving get off work, turn on the electricity The floor heating programmer regularly heats up, so that the temperature rises to the temperature you need before going home.