Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Electric Floor Heating System: Green Heating in the Heating Industry

Coal-fired heating has always been the mainstream heating method in the country, but for a long time, there are many drawbacks. For example, coal-fired heating has a low heat conversion rate, and coal combustion pollutes the environment. This is contrary to the policy of "energy saving and emission reduction" advocated by the current state. Therefore, the environmentally friendly and energy-saving wifi electric underfloor heating thermostat brings an end to these problems, and truly deepens energy saving and emission reduction into the product itself.

1. Electric floor heating pollution-free heating leads the fashion of green heating

Wifi electric underfloor heating thermostat uses clean electricity as a heat source, does not directly generate waste gas, and completely avoids the harmful gas emissions, boiler noise and dust pollution of traditional coal-fired heating. Moreover, the production of electric energy can also use renewable resources, such as solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy, etc., to avoid the waste of non-renewable energy such as coal, natural gas, and oil.

2. Electric floor heating has obvious advantages in energy saving, benefiting the country and the people

The energy-saving advantages of electric floor heating systems are mainly manifested in three aspects. The first is building energy saving. The system requires that the residence must meet the national energy-saving building standards before it can be installed, which means saving on top of saving.

The second is the energy saving of the product, the electric floor heating method has a high heat conversion rate, and the electric floor heating can intelligently control and adjust the temperature with the oil thermostat, and the correct use of temperature control equipment can also achieve the purpose of energy saving. Therefore, electric floor heating consumes less energy and is more energy efficient.

The intelligent control of the electric floor heating system avoids unnecessary heat waste and is more energy-saving. For public buildings, it can save a lot of energy for the country, and for residential buildings, it can save a lot of heating expenses for residents.

In recent years, urban environmental problems have become prominent. Countries have vigorously encouraged low-carbon and environmentally friendly heating policies and implemented coal-to-electricity policies. Therefore, electric floor heating is very popular. The wifi electric underfloor heating thermostat system has been widely promoted and applied, and will gain a very broad space for development in the later stage, becoming a new benchmark for energy-saving and low-carbon heating.