Electric Floor Heating Wifi Thermostat and Control

In the cold winter, heat is essential. Especially in cold countries and regions, heating in winter is very important. Electric underfloor heating is to bury heating cables with a maximum allowable working temperature of 65°C in the floor, use the heating cables as the heat source to heat the floor or ceramic tiles, and use a thermostat to control the room temperature or floor temperature to achieve floor radiation heating. It is comfortable, It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, flexibility, and maintenance-free.

1. Is the electricity cost of electric floor heating higher than that of heaters?

The heat source of electric floor heating is mainly underground cables. The cables are heated by current to heat the floor, and indoor heating is provided by ground radiation. The temperature of electric floor heating can be controlled. The heat load per square meter of electric floor heating is generally 100w. If a house of 100 square meters uses floor heating for 8 hours a day, it will consume 80Kw heat load. The electricity bill is calculated at 0.074 US dollars per kilowatt hour. U.S. dollars, so the smart electric underfloor heating cost per square metre per day is about 0.06 dollars.

Electric heaters refer to equipment that uses electricity to heat. Depending on the heating medium and heating principle, the heating equipment includes electric wall-hung boilers and oil heaters. Under normal circumstances, a room of 12 square meters is suitable for a 900W heater; a room of 15 square meters is suitable for a heater of 1500W; and a room of 20 square meters, if the power line allows, a heater of more than 2000W can be selected. The electricity bill is calculated at $0.074 per kWh, assuming 8 hours of heating per day. The daily heating cost per square meter heater is about 0.0592 US dollars.

So in contrast, the electricity cost of electric floor heating is similar to that of heaters, and in terms of human body feel, electric floor heating is more comfortable than heaters and more worth buying.

2. How to install electric floor heating under cement floor or tiles?

Before laying electric underfloor heating on concrete floor, you need to purchase the following materials: insulation board, heating cable, reflective film, thermostat, silicon crystal mesh, etc.

Electric floor heating needs to take the lead in laying insulation boards to ensure that the heating cables conduct heat in the correct direction. After the insulation board is laid, the silicon crystal mesh and heating cables shall be laid one after another. The existence of silicon crystal mesh is necessary, it can play a role in fixing the heating cable, and can further ensure the direction of heat transfer. The laying of heating cables is the most challenging one of all steps. The laying of heating cables needs to calculate the laying area and spacing. One more point cannot guarantee the heat transfer efficiency, and one less point causes meaningless energy consumption. After the above steps are completed, just install the thermostat again. In this way, steps of installing electric floor heating under tile are all completed.

If you want to upgrade the electric radiant floor heating on the existing concrete slab, the electric floor heating under the laminate floor to smart electric underfloor heating, you can replace the ordinary thermostat with anelectric underfloor heating wifi thermostat underfloor heating, which will make your Life smarter and more convenient!